Amy Fay and Jacqueline Kim for Motor Maven at 86Fest Fontana by Clinton Lum @calibre68 @86Fest

Motor Mavens know their import models!  The legendary Amy Fay and the beautiful talent Jacquline Kim totally brought the glamour to the 86Fest car show in Fontana! / W&HM Staff

Thank goodness that our sage photographer Clinton Lum has captured their wonderful presences at the Motor Mavens' booth.  We have seen Amy Fay more and more in the recent shows, strangely mostly at the Autoclub Speedway in Fontana.

Amy Fay is always a car show favorite and super photogenic model at the peak level of the import modeling industry.  Each time she appears, there seems to an invisible crowd
following her, either photographers that cannot get enough of pictures of her, or an entourage that escorts her from place to place, or simply industry insiders that like to keep up the network with her.  We can say that she is a very busy and highly in demand!

Jacqueline Kim

We think we have met Jacqueline in past shows before.  However, we just could not point our fingers on where and when.  Hmm, maybe at the 2Crave booth in the DUB Show LA last year?  That's right!!  It was at this coverage that we remember vividly how Jackie/Jacqueline impressed us!!

We are so happy to see Jacqueline back in the car show modeling!  She has all the great talents and wonderful quality to be a great car show model!!  We sure hope that we will see her again soon in many shows!!

Amy Fay

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