10th Anniversary Tuner Evolution Philly Car Show 2016 Various Snap Shots of Show Activities and Performances by Jasper Ibe

There were so many things happening at the 10th Anniversary Tuner Evolution car show!

www.wheelsandheelsmag.com / Photos by Jasper Ibe

Tuner Evolution team has a slightly different approach than the most of the car shows especially in the southern California car show scene.  That it is a highly integrated car show with a mixture of variety of activities.  It's not that the so-Cal car shows are too rigid, or filtered.  It's more that car show organizers' mindsets were more about putting one (cars) and one (vendors) and one (models) together and hope the best will come out.

Tuner Evolution has more the car community and car lover and community in mind.  The various floor activities as well as we-are-like-a-family style party on the venue, just made the show a more personable and tightly knitted atmosphere.

What comes out of it is more than a good time, it's a fellow-ship and brotherhood as well as sisterhood, as well as family-hood.  We salute to the Tuner Evo team for doing such a great job!!

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