Awesome Tawnie Jaclyn for Toyo Tires at Stance Nation 2016 @TawnieJaclyn

Tawnie Jaclyn for Toyo Tires at Stance Nation 2016

We've seen the hard working Tawnie Jaclyn many times across many car shows in our southern California coverage and it's always great to see her again!! / W&HM Staff
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Tawnie Jaclyn is one of the most hardest working models that we've known.  Through out the major and minor car shows, we have seen Tawnie working tirelessly for Toyo Tires, no matter it's dark convention inside, or burning hot open parking lot outside.

Tawnie is always standing guard and showing her gorgeous smiles!  That's what we call the super trooper!

This time we caught up with her at the Stance Nation in Little Tokyo Los Angeles, in their 2016 Nisei Week special show.  The whole car show was at an underground garage with peeks of bright sun light at top.

The whole set up could not be more perfect even though we did not use our well-known flash dish here.  The results are stunning!

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Tawnie Jaclyn