We Love The Resurfacing Brittani Paige at Nitto #EAD2016 Car Show!! @msbrittanipaige

After our cover model Brittani Paige moved to the sin city, we hardly see or hear about her anymore.  But now Brittani is back at the Nitto Auto Enthusiast Day Anaheim for Narvaez Racing, we were super delighted!!

www.wheelsandheelsmag.com / W&HM Staff

"Out of sight, out of mind?"  Nay!  Not for Brittani Paige!  Our super impressive cover model always stays on everybody's mind.
Brittani Paige always has a special interpersonal link to the people she met and friends she knows.  It's an unspeakable and invisible bond that she can easily forms but hard to forget.

Needless to say, when she moved to Las Vegas, we were all sad to see her leaving so-Cal car scene.  However, she is always on our as well as everybody's mind even though she is not physically

Now she is back at the Nitto EAD Anaheim car show this year.  Despite the heat and relentless sun, Brittani outshined all of it, and came out as bright as she's ever been.

We did not see the super fun and impromtu Brittani as we used to know, but the Brittani v1.5 is strong and more seasoned.  She simply looked amazing!!

We sure hope that we will see her a lot more in the future!  It will be a great day for all the so-Cal Brittani-photographers and fans to celebrate for sure!!

Brittani Paige - W&HM cover model

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