Big Highlights of Nitto Tire Auto Enthusiast Day Anaheim 2016 #AED2016

The biggest Nitto Auto Enthusiast Day Anaheim ever!  With tons of vendors, and activities, and engine roars!! / W&HM Staff

Under a beautiful and warm August sunny and slightly breezy Sunday, Nitto Tire put together the biggest Auto Enthusiast Day car show and motorsports demo at the famous Angel Stadium.

This year's event is visibly and physically deep felt bigger show than before.  Over the last shows, you could feel the budding size of the show.  However, this year, several major vendors as well as the venue space have increased.  This is joy to our ear but hard on our feet for sure!  But we were very happy and would love to see it growing to be a major so-Cal event, especially in the August weeks!
At the show, we were escatic about seeing several of our cover models as well as featured models at varous vendors. The main one Nitto Tire, we have our cover model Constance Nunes together with Courtney Riggs as well as Cambria Mansfield.

Ashley Twomey - W&HM cover model for Driving Line

At the heart of the venue, we met up Ashley Twomey at the Driving Line booth!  She is so vibrant and energetic depsite the heat.  What a great promotional model Ashley is!

 Leah Noel - W&HM cover model for Narvaez Racing

It's always great to see Leah, especially after she moved to Las Vegas.  This time, she is back and looks incredibly awesome in every aspect and sense despite the worst trip she ever embarked on to Cali.  Wish we can see more of her in future events!

 L'Amour Niggl - W&HM Faeture Model for McLeod Racing

Heat is definitely not a usual condition to L'Amour.  However, the leggy model strutted it out and made the show a much more enjoyable experience with her smiles and friendly personality! 

 Bradi S for Centerline Wheels

  Caitlin Wood for Motiv Wheels

Kylie Marie Walton for Fondmetal Wheels

 Lyndsey Bowyer for Gear Wheels

 Olivia Paladin for Nitto Tire

 Lyssa Roberts for Narvaez Racing

 Shirley May for Spocom

 Bella for JDM Sport

 Rozy Del Castillo for JDM Sport

 Erica Nagashima for Road Race Engineering

 Emkay for Spocom

 Diana Mila for Spocom

Nitto AED Vendor and Show Cars

This year, the show cars are just as spectacular as last year's and the years' before.  There were many types of cars, including the prominent presence of off road trucks and jeeps, as well as high performance race cars as well as JDM modified.  

The extended parking lot areas housed some of the cool personal show cars. There were some stock cars that we spotted, but many have their own distinctive mods and upgrades.

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