Toyo Tires Model Melissa LaBak Lead The Way With More Models at 86Fest Fontana 2016 by Clinton Lum @calibre68 @86Fest @MelissaLabak

Toyo Tires, Moto Lyrics and Spearmint Rhino came out to provide a big support to the 86Fest 2016 car show!! / W&HM Staff * Please forward any requests or questions to

At the 86Fest Fontana 2016 car show, there were a lot of vendors who brought their models to the show.  This is becoming more and more rarity in the so-Cal car shows.

For some reason, the model ratio to the vendor has recently been declining, and more so reflected to the model lounge in some shows as well.

This has signaled a change in the model industry that shows models have different mindsets toward the industry, as well as the vendor attitude change as well.

Well, we sure hope that this will change for good reason and good results... Let's stay and watch!!

Now here are the captures of some of the great models at the 86Fest 2016 by Clinton Lum!

The First So-Cal Appearance of Our Cover Model Brittani Paige in a Long Time! at DC Competition Clutch at 86Fest Fontana 2016 by Clinton Lum @calibre68 @86Fest @msbrittanipaige

This is the first sighting of Brittani Paige, our cover model, for a long absence from the so-Cal car show scene, captured by Clinton Lum! / W&HM Staff * Please forward any requests or questions to

Ever since our cover model moved to Las Vegas, there is a hole in the so-Cal car show scene.  Gone was the happy and highly interpersonal model presence from this amazing talent, and people were always talking about her ever since.

Now this is the first time Brittani Paige showed up after a long time!  People rejoiced!

Amy Fay and Jacqueline Kim for Motor Maven at 86Fest Fontana by Clinton Lum @calibre68 @86Fest

Motor Mavens know their import models!  The legendary Amy Fay and the beautiful talent Jacquline Kim totally brought the glamour to the 86Fest car show in Fontana! / W&HM Staff

Thank goodness that our sage photographer Clinton Lum has captured their wonderful presences at the Motor Mavens' booth.  We have seen Amy Fay more and more in the recent shows, strangely mostly at the Autoclub Speedway in Fontana.

Amy Fay is always a car show favorite and super photogenic model at the peak level of the import modeling industry.  Each time she appears, there seems to an invisible crowd

It's Sooooo Good to See Sarah McDowd Again! For Falken at 86Fest Fontana 2016 by Clinton Lum @calibre68 @mcdowd @86fest

Our sage contributing photographer Clinton Lum found long lost awesome model Sarah McDowd at the big 86Fest Fontana 2016 car show!! / W&HM Staff * Please forward any requests or questions to

It's been such a long time since the last time we saw Sarah McDowd!  For anyone who does not know this awesome model, you are definitely missing out!

First check out our past coverage of Sarah McDowd here.  Through this memory lane, you would find many fun moments and awesome appearances of Sarah in past many shows!!

Every time we met Sarah before, it's always a celebrated moment.  It's either catching up on the life of a model and a media photographer, then there are impromptu moments that simply make a long day much more bearable.

Sarah McDowd definitely posesses these great qualities in a model, and we sure

Awesome Tawnie Jaclyn for Toyo Tires at Stance Nation 2016 @TawnieJaclyn

Tawnie Jaclyn for Toyo Tires at Stance Nation 2016

We've seen the hard working Tawnie Jaclyn many times across many car shows in our southern California coverage and it's always great to see her again!! / W&HM Staff
(* Please forward any requests or questions to

Tawnie Jaclyn is one of the most hardest working models that we've known.  Through out the major and minor car shows, we have seen Tawnie working tirelessly for Toyo Tires, no matter it's dark convention inside, or burning hot open parking lot outside.

Tawnie is always standing guard and showing her gorgeous smiles!  That's what we call the super trooper!

This time we caught up with her at the Stance Nation in Little Tokyo Los Angeles, in their 2016 Nisei Week special show.  The whole car show was at an underground garage with peeks of bright sun light at top.

The whole set up could not be more perfect even though we did not use our well-known flash dish here.  The results are stunning!

Find out more about Tawnie, check out our coverage of Tawnie Jaclyn here.

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