A Huge Highlight of Motorcycles and Models at Progressive International Motorcycle Show Long Beach 2015 @Motorcycleshows

50+ Photos and Highlights of Motorcycles and Models at Progressive International Motorcycle Shows Long Beach 2015

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Long Beach, CA / Py Pai
At the Progressive International Motorcycle Show Long Beach 2015, it's an exciting event to attend. There are several new models introduced during the show as well as it has a large demo bikes on the floor for people to actually touch and sit on.  It's definitely a great family outing that we have witnessed during the first day for the press and public.
The promotional personalities are slightly different than the usual models that we have seen in various car shows.  The motorcycle show models seem to be more down to earth and mostly friendly and sightly lay-back style at the show.  They are awesome to take photographs with, especially right by the shiny and beautiful curves of the new motorcycles on the display floor.

Here is a quick highlight of the models from the IMS 2015 event, including our feature model Dennii, as well as familiar face of Olivia Paladin.  And there are a lot more here!

First Day Highlights of Progressive International Motorcycle Show Long Beach 2015 @motorcycleshows

We have the first day highlights of the new motorcycles, cool show bikes, and general overview of the Progressive International Motorcycle Show Long Beach 2015, in our WHEELS section:


If you are a motorcycle owner or a fan, definitely check out the article as well as the show itself at Long Beach Convention Center!

Highly Appreciated Promotionals at the LA Autoshow 2015 @corissafurr

Quick Captures of LA Autoshow Promotional Peronalities

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Los Angeles, CA / W&HM Staff

At the 2015 Los Angeles Autoshow press days, there were many of the car manufacturers showing off their new cars and new technologies.  One better way to capture people's attentions and coverage would be to have a strong promotional personality on the show floor.

This year, it's not like the years past, did not have a whole lot of models at the press days.  However, we still found two of our gorgeous Wheels and Heels Magazine cover models, Corissa Furr and Constance Nunes at the Pirelli and Audi show places.  Together with them were the Alfa Romeo models and a Dodge model.

It's interesting how European brands know how to best use the promotional celebrities and models than the American counterpart, and more so than the Asian parts, especially in the recent years.

Let's see how the public days would fare as far as the promotional department in the next few days!

#LAAutoshow 2015 Fun Cars With Hollywood, Anime and Steampunk Influences @LAAutoShow

Desserts First!  LA Autoshow 2015, Fun Side of The Show: Fun Cars with Hollywood, Anime and Steampunk Found in LA Autoshow

Los Angeles, CA / W&HM Staff
We are eating the desserts first today!  Among the sea of media coverage of new cars and next year's upgrades, we are bringing some lighter side of the LA Autoshow 2015 here with the coverage of Hollywood, Anime, and Steampunk inspired cars at the show.  You don't want to miss them for your today's fun portion.  Click the link here:


Awesome LA Autoshow Press Day One Highlights @LAAutoShow

2017 Fiat 124 Spider Prima Edizione Lusso

 Press Day One Highlights of LA Autoshow - Full of Cars, Fun Cars, Unique Cars!

Los Angeles, CA / Py Pai
We are excited to have this same-day highlight report of the LA Autoshow 2015.  Definitely check out the full report in the following link: http://cars.wheelsandheelsmag.com/2015/11/big-highlight-of-la-autoshow-2015.html
Wheels and Heels Magazine
Cover Model
Corissa Furr at Pirelli
in LA Autoshow 2015
In this highlight report, you will find many new cars that are not in the dealership yet, and unique cars that are purely conceptual, as well as show cars that have various histories of racing, rallying, and other motorsports on their resumes.

Judging from the displays of various models and makes, we can tell that 2016 would be a great buying year for many consumers,  Many models have been updated and new cars are introduced, all waiting to be delivered to the dealership for one to choose and drive home.

Again, check out the full highlight pictorial report here.

Vibrant Raquel Estrella and Senlips at #SEMA 2015 @raquel_estrella @senlips

Vibrant Raquel Estrella at The SenLips Booth in SEMA 2015 

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Las Vegas, NV / W&HM Staff

We don't see a whole lot of Raquel Estrella in our recent coverage of car shows and events. Partly it's because she has not been frequenting the car scenes for a while.  Now Raquel is back with her full force.  Here at the SenLips, who specializes the car lighting accessories, Raquel demonstrated her beauty and high energy again in SEMA 2015.

Awesome Triple-Crown Cover Models at Simple Vapors Grand Opening by Clinton Lum @calibre68 @thesandrawong @jessicakes33 @msbrittanipaige @simplesmokes


Our Sage Contributing Photographer Clinton Lum Brought Us The Happy Photos of Our Three Cover Models at Simple Vapors Grand Opening Meet

Westminster, CA / Photos by Clinton Lum, Text by Staff
Simple Vapors had a wonderful grand opening meet over the weekend.  Our hard working contributing photographer Clinton Lum brought us the awesome photos of our three Wheels and Heels Magazine Cover Models, Sandra Wong, Jessica Weaver, and Brittani Paige!  To see a lot more of these awesome models, check out the link here to our WWWH section:

Click it now.

Sweet Angelina Andrada at Senlips in #SEMA 2015

Wonderful Wheels and Heels Magazine Cover Model Angelina Andrada For senLips again in SEMA 2015!

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Las Vegas, NV / W&HM Staff
Our Cover Model Angelina Andrada was representing SenLips company again in this year's SEMA show and she totally showed off her warm personality and sweet persona!

At SenLips booth, the company hired two awesome top SEMA models, Angelina Andrada and Raquel Estrella.  Even though the booth was not at the forefront of the convention hall, they had a great amount of traffic from where we observed, and the two top models definitely help establishing the booth different than the others, and drew in a lot more eyeballs and footsteps toward the company.

More over, the simple fact that these two lovely ladies would be on many people's cameras and social media with the company's logo, would be simply a great marketing investment!  All these definitely spell a great show for the company!

Gorgeous, Fun And Awesome Genius Tools Girls at #SEMA 2015 @Geniustools @Shashakay_ @katekiddd

Genius Tools Did it Again!  They brought the most fun, the most cool, and totally gorgeous Genius Tools Girls to SEMA 2015!

Beautiful, Fun and Awesome Kate Kidd and Sha Carrell at Genius Tools in SEMA 2015

* (Click photos to view in their high resolution size)
Las Vegas, NV / W&HM Staff

Ever since we started covering the SEMA shows back in 2010, Genius Tools has always been in a place in our coverage.  And that place is getting bigger and bigger, with their introductions of many cool, down-to-earth, fun and playful promotional models to their big booth.  You would definitely not see a diva-model or a unfriendly personality over there.

They always have wonderful talents, and the company treated the models really well.  That's the very fundamental law of great team work!  Bravo to all!

This year, Genius Tools had two totally awesome models all the way from Dallas TX!  Kate Kidd, the brunette, and Sha Carrell, the blonde, both traveled all the way from big Texas to Vegas for the gigantic SEMA event.
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