Quick Highlights of #Mitsufest Fontana 2015

Dedicated Mitsu-Fans Celebrated 2015 Mitsufest at Autoclub Speedway

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Fontana, CA / Py Pai

Under the bright and warm so-Cal Thanksgiving-time weather, Mitsufest 2015 has brought in the Mitsubishi car owners and lovers to the Autoclub Speedway's popular Gate 4 north parking lot show venue.

There are many other competing shows at the same weekend, including the big brother Autoshow in downtown, and Progressive IMS, as well as the day prior's Nissfest, plus the same day next door show Import Face-Off.  Nonetheless, the Mitsu-fans came and gathered for the good community cause and definitely had a good time for a sunny Sunday afternoon.

First off, we were super excited to see our feature model, Tyler Aries!  We haven't seen her for ages, and she is as beautiful, as awesome and as friendly as always.  Her long blond hair, affectionate smiles just melted everybody's heart.  We were also so happy to see Jennifer Angel Ancheta again.  She is one of the most hardworking models that we have covered!  She is always so professional and welcoming.  We were so happy to see both of them for the Mitsufest this year!

The Spektrum magazine also had two models for their support of the show.  Cristal Aguirre and her friend gave us an ultra fashionable shots that are perfect for posters on every shop's wall.  It's great to see the energetic and doing-very-well Cristal at the show.  She has been busy with a lot of business adventures in modeling. We can tell that 2016 will be her major breakout year.  Definitely look for her in your next chance to meet her!

And of course, the show is about the cars and their owners.  We've spotted several cool cars, from very heavily modified to almost stock, from Marvel's characters to anime designs on their Mitsu rides.  There were different kinds of mods and add-ons that caught our eyes.  We will be reporting these cool finds in our future articles.

At the stage, there were multiple promo activities.  One of the them is T-Shirt giveaway.  With the very good odds of shirt / attendee ratio, many people caught the cool T's tossed by the lovely duo, Ty and Jennifer.

This year's Mitsufest is a great community building and sharing event, and we are very happy to participate in this good cause and gathering.  We look forward to the next year's show already!

Mitsufest Official Models

Tyler Aries

It's a beautiful Marilyn Monroe smile here!

Jennifer Angel Ancheta

Spektrum Magazine Models 

Critsal Aguirre

And the other model (that failed to capture her name...)

The Dedicated Mitsubishi Car Owners and Fans

Actions From The Stage

The very top head of World Wide Lancer Club "Race Page" and Tyler Aries and Jennifer Angel Ancheta

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