Highlights of The Last Day (4) of Super Successful SEMA 2015 Grand Show!

The Conclusion of The Mega Awesome Show SEMA 2015

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Las Vegas, NV / Py Pai

The last day of the long four-day show seemed to come to soon.  There are so many new products to see, so many models to capture, and so many people to talk to.

Nonetheless, all things have to come to an end somehow, either we like it or not.  Which makes the show even sweeter and we are already experiencing the withdrawn symptoms and yearning for the next year's.
 At the last day of the coverage, we revisited some of the best models as well as finding more models that we missed, and concluded that we will never meet the other models that we did not discover or located.  Show life is too short for a mega successful show SEMA 2015 to find everything and meet everyone.
We are so happy to see our cover models again, including Brittani Paige, Nicole Marie Reckers, Arley Elizabeth, as well as Corrisa Furr, plus our beautiful feature models, Ashley Harrell, Christy Rios, Izzy Poulin, and Dennii.
We will have full coverage of the models that we covered during the show in the next several weeks, as we brought back thousands of photos and they will be awesomely displayed here.  Please stay tuned!
 SEMA 2015 is the biggest show that we've ever attended, and we are pretty sure that it is the largest one in its entire history.  The expanded outdoor areas, includes the south entrance display booths and big venue space.  And the northern part of the huge outdoor area was occupied by the back to back as well as front and back of company booths.  The sheer number of showings is simply staggering.  It could easily make one wander around to no ends.

Then going into the three gigantic convention center halls, it's like going into Disneyland for various attractions.  Things were shiny, loud, or visually dazzling.  It's pure car enthusiasts' heaven.  No wonder that the attendance rate every year is increased substantially.  We totally have our hats off to the SEMA team, for the magnificent jobs that they have done year in and year out.  It's definitely a long applause standing ovation honor well deserved!!  Bravo! Bravo!!

Let's conclude this series of highlight articles with Alisa and Aly from The Diamond Dozen, in a lighter note...  We are looking for the SEMA 2016 and bringing you the first and the best coverage to you again!!

Tri-Ace Models - Kami Talpa and Erica Bez
 The DUB Magazine mdoel
 Fondmetal Models - Kayla Perez and Lizzeth Acosta
 Motiv Wheels Models - Brenda
  Motiv Wheels Models - Jen Mateo
 Centerline Wheels Model - Emelina Adams
Centerline Wheels Model - Caitlin Wood
 DMC Wheels Model
Haas Model - Izzy Poulin 
 Achilles Tires Models - Nicole Marie Reckers and Arley Elizabeth
 Tomioka Racing Model - Sharla STi
 Achilles Tire Models - Chanel Urban and our two awesome cover models
 General Tire Model - Christy Rios
 CrystalNinja's sparkling Swarovski Crystal Studded Car and April Graves
 Loud Mouth Exhausts Model - Dennii
 VDO Model - Corrie
 Synergy MFG Model - Andrea Kepler
 Fusion Bumpers Model
 Spicer Drivetrain Products Model
 PSI Auto Restyling Model
 Nitro Model - Anayeli De Santiago
 Crawford Performance Model - Erica Nagashima
 R1-Concepts Model - Brittani Paige
 Automotive Workwear / Red Kap Model
JDM Sport Model
JDM Sport Model - Cheley L
 Velocity Wheels Model
Velocity Wheels Model
 Velocity Wheels Model
 Continental Tire Model - Ashley Harrell
 Coooper Tires Models and Specialists
 Pirelli Tires Model - Brooke Boerman
 Pirelli Tires Model - Corissa Furr
MKW Models - Alisa Marie and Alyhed Morales

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