Big Success at Big Bang Wheels with Annelise Marie and Elizabeth in #SEMA 2015 Show @annelisejr @LizVelasquez @bigbangwheels

Here is one of the most beautiful sights in the SEMA 2015 show.

Big Bang Wheels have brought the stunning top published modes Annelise Marie and Elizabeth Velasquez to the SEMA show, giving their autographed posters to the show attendees...

And then something drastic happened...

Big Presence of Top Models, Annelise Marie and Elizabeth Velasquez at Big Bang Wheels ini SEMA 2015 

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Las Vegas, NV / W&HM Staff

At the SEMA 2015 show, South Hall, by now you should know that, is the most glamorous and star studded hall of the three.  At the front end of the South Hall, Big Bang Wheels set up their very stylish and beautifully designed booth right where the traffic was to be split to.

Big Bang Wheels brought in two super awesome top models,  Both of them are our Wheels and Heels Magazine cover models, Annelise Marie and Elizabeth Velasquez.  Right off the bat you would know that they have the best models in their booth.
 Once the show doors were open, people flooded in and the two top models immediately went at work, giving out their posters to the fast coming crowd.  The very edgy sexy yet classy posters were an instant hit!  Both Annelise and Elizabeth were just non-stop greeting and writing lovely messages, and signing their posters to the happy show comers.

 Elizabeth Velasquez 

 Annelise Marie

 Day 2 with the new dresses!

 And then at the day 2, the line did not stop or slow down.  Actually it was such a big torrent that the unthinkable happened!  They signed out all their posters, on Day 2!!

From what we have known, the company has printed a lot, we meant A LOT of posters for their shows.  Now they were all given out.  It just shows how powerful and popular the models, the posters, and the company are!!  That's totally cool, not ideal, but totally cool for sure!!

This proves that the power of great promotional personalities and awesome giveaways, in this case the posters, and the artistic booth designs, and of course, the great products on display and customer loyalty are a winning combination for great success!!  Bravo! Bravo!!

Disclosure: all the photographers of the wall posters and autograph posters were created by this magazine's lead photographer, Py Pai.

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