LA Autoshow 2015 Aftermarket Angels Highlights

Beautiful And Friendly Promotional Models in 2015 LA Autoshow Aftermarket Exhibits

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Los Angeles, CA / W&HM Staff

Besides the supermodel-likes promotional personalities at the press days of the LA Autoshow 2015, one place we did not cover is the aftermarket section.  However, that's where you will find many awesome and friendly models at the show that you want to take pictures of, on top of 100's of pictures of the sleek cars on the show floors upstairs.

Aftermarket section has always been a relaxed and more hospitable environment, where you are not constantly under the corporation eyes, and instead, you will see welcoming smiles.  Many of the models in that section are our cover models!!

Starting from the main level, the Pirelli models has our cover model, Corissa Furr, as well as her fellow model to greet the huge incoming traffics from all directions.
Then our cover model, Elena Romanova showed up at the Allroad Outfitters, as well as Nicole Marie Reckers and Elyse Iona at the Al & Ed's Autosound huge display space.

Our stunningly beautiful cover model Christina Riordan (top photo), a main Harley Davidson staple, gave us an excellent photo op at the show!

Many of these models work very hard in this show.  The show usually contains 8 - 10 hours of work, constantly standing on the floor.  Then due to LA Autoshow schedule, many of them will return to work on Thanksgiving days as well.  That is really hard on the models and their families and loved ones.  We have our very high respect to these dedicated professionals!  Our hats' off to you all!

You can find most of them in the next Friday, Saturday, or Sunday.  So if you have time, don't miss them!  Come and say hi!  You will be met with nothing but warmth, beauty, and cool pictures to go home with!

Pirelli Models - Corissa Furr (Wheels and Heels Magazine cover model) and Friend

Al & Ed's Autosound Models

Nicole Marie Recers (Wheels and Heels Magazine cover model)
Elyse Iona (Wheels and Heels Magazine cover model)
Josie Navejas

Harley Davidson Model - Christina Riordan (Wheels and Heels Magazine cover model)

Allroad Outfitters Model - Elena Romanova (Wheels and Heels Magazine cover model)

Jenny Ladner 

AMG Model

Yamaha Model 

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