Graceful Cover Model Sandra Wong for Enkei in #SEMA 2015 Show @thesandrawong

Sandra Wong is such an amazing model at the Enkei Wheels in SEMA 2015.

The flawless and upbeat model demonstrated grace, beauty, professionalism, as well as resourcefulness in the gigantic show.

Gorgeous Wheels and Heels Magazine Cover Model Sandra Wong Representing Enkei Wheels in SEMA show 2015

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Las Vegas, NV / W&HM Staff

In the SEMA 2015 show, the massive exhibit venues was packed with people, all kinds of people.  If you were a promotional personality, being a model, or a celebrity, or professional marketing/sales personnel, you would meet a lot of people and how you handle all different encountering depends on how professional you are and how you can convert them into leads or exposed audience.

Sandra Wong, our cover model, in her gorgeous look, is a high performance professional.  She has a great network of media friends and followers.  She is a natural attraction point in a show that people would just come to her unknowingly.  Her approachable personality would make anyone feel at ease to be around and feel welcome.  That's totally awesome for any promotional models to have, and a must-hire for a company who wants a wholesome and beautiful representation of their brand.

We are very happy that we got a chance to capture some snapshots of this gorgeous model, wonderful cover model, and our awesomely smart contributing adviser here in SEMA 2015!

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