Golden Angel Ty Aries for World Wide Lancer Club at #Mitsubishi 2015 Fontana CA @worldwidelancer

Beautiful Wheels and Heels Magazine Feature Model Ty Aries For The World Wide Lancer Club at The Mitsubishi 2015

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Our Wheels and Heels Magazine / W&HM Feature Model Ty Aries has been in several of the shows in the past couple of years in our coverage.  This golden blond hair angel like model has such a delicate presence and purity in her heart, that she is like an angel among us and cars and shows.

Back in the 2014 at the Auto Enthusiast Day in Anaheim, CA, we discovered this beautiful and dreamy model and did a small coverage:

Then we had the great fortune to be able to work with her, and produced our feature of Ty in W&HM Issue #28 (

Ever since the first coverage, we've seen Ty grew more and more professionally and personally.  If there is a presence of World Wide Lancer Club in a car show like this one Mitsufest 2015, there is a decent chance to see Ty again!  Thank you WWLC for bringing such a wonderful and our feature model to your shows.

With such a wonderful gift and great talents in her, we look forward to seeing Ty more in the future shows and events.  We have full faith that she will be a great star model when she has more time and energy invested in it!  And we look forward to that day to come soon!

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