Sweet Cover Model Sandra Wong at #Nissfest Fontana 2015 @thesandrawong

Beautiful Wheels and Heels Magazine Cover Model Sandra Wong at the Windy Nissfest Fotnana 2015 

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wheelsandheelsmag.com / W&HM Staff

Our cover model Sandra Wong is such a wonderful model and a great friend, that every time we see her, it's always a fantastic moment, and a hearty catching up!

At the Nessfest Fontana 2015, the relentless San Bernardino's Santa Ana wind just would not stop, and kept giving the models and vendors tons of challenges.  Our Sandra always looks great no matter what!  Her beautiful smiles and awesome personality simply shine above all of conditions.  Sandra is one of the two Nissfest official models.  She and Jessica Weaver have lifted the entire show to be a high octane event!  We are so happy to see Sandra again!

Right after the Thanksgiving, and before the end of the year, we want to say huge thanks to this awesome cover model for all her amazing work and awesome charisma!  We totally look forward to 2016 and produce more work with the awesome Sandra!

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