LA Autoshow 2015 - Harley Davidson, Cover Model Christina Riordan

Gorgeous Wheels and Heels Magazine Cover Model Christina Riordan on Harley Davidson Motorcycle at the LA Autoshow 2015

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At the LA Autoshow, one of the gems besides the main show rooms at the main floor, is the aftermarket hall under the South Hall.  The vast arrays of vendors offer all types of add-ons, accessories, and upgrades to the cars that you drive or dream of, as well as motorcycles.

At the Harley Davidson display space, we found our cover model, Christina Riordan!  The gorgeous blond model was working hard, but effortlessly, engaging attendees to have a connection with Harley Davidson.  This amazing cover model has many things going for her, and many opportunities are constantly coming to her.  You will see a lot more of her in the future for sure!  We are extremely excited for her and we can't wait to work with her more in the future as well!

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