Highlights of The Last Day (4) of Super Successful SEMA 2015 Grand Show!

The Conclusion of The Mega Awesome Show SEMA 2015

* (Click photos to view in their high resolution size) *
Las Vegas, NV / Py Pai

The last day of the long four-day show seemed to come to soon.  There are so many new products to see, so many models to capture, and so many people to talk to.

Nonetheless, all things have to come to an end somehow, either we like it or not.  Which makes the show even sweeter and we are already experiencing the withdrawn symptoms and yearning for the next year's.
 At the last day of the coverage, we revisited some of the best models as well as finding more models that we missed, and concluded that we will never meet the other models that we did not discover or located.  Show life is too short for a mega successful show SEMA 2015 to find everything and meet everyone.
We are so happy to see our cover models again, including Brittani Paige, Nicole Marie Reckers, Arley Elizabeth, as well as Corrisa Furr, plus our beautiful feature models, Ashley Harrell, Christy Rios, Izzy Poulin, and Dennii.
We will have full coverage of the models that we covered during the show in the next several weeks, as we brought back thousands of photos and they will be awesomely displayed here.  Please stay tuned!
 SEMA 2015 is the biggest show that we've ever attended, and we are pretty sure that it is the largest one in its entire history.  The expanded outdoor areas, includes the south entrance display booths and big venue space.  And the northern part of the huge outdoor area was occupied by the back to back as well as front and back of company booths.  The sheer number of showings is simply staggering.  It could easily make one wander around to no ends.

Then going into the three gigantic convention center halls, it's like going into Disneyland for various attractions.  Things were shiny, loud, or visually dazzling.  It's pure car enthusiasts' heaven.  No wonder that the attendance rate every year is increased substantially.  We totally have our hats off to the SEMA team, for the magnificent jobs that they have done year in and year out.  It's definitely a long applause standing ovation honor well deserved!!  Bravo! Bravo!!

Another Big Highlight from SEMA 2015, Day 3 Coverage Report!

Another Big Highlight, The Day 3 Coverage of SEMA 2015!

* (Click photos to view in their high resolution size) *
Las Vegas, NV / Py Pai

Day 3 is the most beautiful day of the SEMA show 2015.  The weather has resurrected to its perfect cool sunny condition from yesterday's rain, storm, hails, and thunders. The third day is also the most relaxed but still maintains a high business atmosphere, before the last day of packing up and bringing down the banners.  The good vibes show through our gorgeous photos from the day 3 coverage here and you can see them as a totally different scenery.

We finally found our cover model, Christina Riordan!  By the outside bright sun of Vegas, Christina is a super darling at the Harley Davidson space, ready for photos and happy to engage attendees for on-site registrations.  She always looks amazing!!  And we were very + very happy to find her at SEMA 2015!

We again took a quick photo of Sandra Wong, and her smile is such so infectious and she gave her company here Enkei a huge visual exposure boost instantly!

It's been a long while that we took a picture of our graceful and gorgeous feature model, Ashley Harrell!  At the Continental Tires expansive booth, she looked so sweet and people just could not stop by and taking photos of her and catching up with her, because she just has that friendly magnetism in her!  

At the somewhat odd setup of Performance Pavilion right next to the South Hall, we were totally blindsided this precious space and was surprised to see our feature model, Izzy Poulin at the Hass Concave booth!!!!  Izzy is such a life style model that even at a show, she could whip out gorgeous poses that are like from a look book, or a print commercial.  You definitely should follow her instagram @izzyisup for her really cool beautiful and upbeat photos!

At the Heavy Hitters Wheels booth, there were four stunning beautiful models that could stop the traffic, stop the ship, or stop the earth spinning, if they want to.  Heavy Hitters did a wonderful job bringing in these wonderful models from both sides of the Mississippi River.

Haley Washinsky, Billie Jo Powers, Miss CJ Gibson, and Besjana Dakake, are all like angels descended form Heaven, and landed at the Heavy Hitters booth.  We have huge respect to the high style that the team brought.  We give them highest regard!!

We caught a moment of Dennii, our feature model, at work in Loud Mouth Exhausts, seriously very hard work, signing her posters.  The traffic to the booth has been non-stop since the doors were opened.  This is one of the busiest spot in the whole SEMA show. Great job Dennii!

In the past two days we did not even find the awesome company FondMetal, Motiv, Centerline, and Gear wheels.  We were really excited to find them right outside the South Hall, and their setups are simply majestic!  It is an L-shape corner space with rows of wheels and cars and models.  The sheer space out in the open is a smart move, and then overcame the initial space location challenges and made the whole teams at one place is another marvelous achievement!  As you can see the photos, models look amazing, lighting are extraordinary and everything is just so upbeat!  Our hats off to you all!  Great job well done!!

BIG Highlights of the Day 2 of #SEMA Show 2015

W&HM Cover Model
Olivia Korte in a beautiful
blue dress for Eagle
Abrasives at SEMA 2015

Big Day 2 Highlights From The Awesome SEMA Show 2015!!

* (Click photos to view in their high resolution size) *

Las Vegas, NV / Py Pai
We made a small mistake saying that we have covered 60-70% of the models at the show already.  After the day 2 survey, that was totally wrong!  We have discovered more awesome models that we have not covered before and we are very happy to make this correction!  

There are so many awesome talents and models that we have not seen for a long time!  This is a wonderful big reunion occasion in an abstract sense.  

Here we also borrow the space to have a small reflection of our view on show marketing, as we have seen many companies are doing the similar or repeating the same during the show.  We would also like to share our POV and hopefully add more creative juice in the next year's show.  (In the future, we may publish a most effective way to have a promotional model for your booth presence.)


At the SEMA 2015 show, the vast show venue has provided a great opportunity for marketeers to use their creative brain power to create their own vision of audience connection and lead generation.  Through out the years, and through out the two days, we have witnessed generic product display, augmented product demos (e.g. live actions, noise generation, visual distractions, and other forms), 

and then there are the necessary evils of free giveaways, or drawings and sweepstakes, and then definitely promotional personalities, including promotional models and celebrities as well as show cars.  We probably have seen them all, and concluded that there is no easy way to formulate your marketing.  It's really on the experience, and market pulse.  What worked last year may not repeat its success this year, and being at the corner does not mean you are out of sight.


In this connected age, marketing has been extended to beyond the physical presence of information and attractions.  Pre-show engagement has become just as important as post-show follow throughs.  How to make the early engagement attractive and sticky would be a golden key to the in-show success.

One example that SEMA team has done that is super effective is the SEMA app that they created.  This app has been used for show and conference planning, and referencing, guiding as well as scheduling and note-taking.  We've seen many people use that app at the show to find their ways, to find their meetings, and to find their next hour's activities.  It's becoming easy to use and in-dispensable.  Now that's what we call sticky.


How a company being large or small, can create such stickiness to their engagement, we could only say that ease  of use and go-to-one-stop info center would be a great place to start.  For the SEMA show, if you cannot compete with the SEMA app, then make it easy for people to get to you through the app, or create information breadcrumbs that people want to make your spot a must stop.  A pre-show engagement is just as important as showing up with your gears, cars, and models in these days.



On the second day of coverage, we are really happy to see our awesome cover model, Olivia Korte.  Olivia is always one the very best models that we have covered.  No matter what you do or where you point your camera, she is always so bright and upbeat and photogenic!  We are so happy to see her again before at the show.  Also look out for a new feature of Olivia in the future print copy of the magazine too!!


W&HM Cover Model Constance Nunes
for Toyo Tires at SEMA 201
It's awesome to see Constance Nunes again!!  We have not seen this stunning cover model for ages, due to schedule conflicts with her Toyo Tire traveling.  This time we had a wonderful time to do a nano shoot while she was handling the Toyo Tire's cool VR devices.  It's so great to see her in action again!  We sure hope that she will be doing more promotional works in all car shows, as she really brought her artistry to the trade and elevate shows' qualities.


The second day's weather had a dessert shower.  It created a cold and damp outdoor environment where Achilles space is at.  However, that did not deter the awesome cover models Arley Elizabeth, Nicole Marie Reckers as well as the awesome model Chanel Urban to show up and give everybody their sunny smiles.  They are the super trooper!

Gigantic Preview of #SEMA 2015 Day 1

The Diamond Dozen Team Made
MKW Wheels Look Extra Awesome
Especially at the SEMA 215
Huge and Famous South Hall!

Another Spectacular Year of SEMA in 2015 - What a Great Start!!  Here Are Our Day 1 Gigantic Highlights of SEMA Show (Model Edition)

Las Vegas, NV / Py Pai

A Mega Success! 

SEMA 2015 has proven again that they are the king of car shows.  The gigantic amount of companies brought their latest and greatest products to the show, many debuts of new and improved innovations on display, as well as the sheer enormous volume of the attendees, all have made this year's show a mega success!

W&HM Cover Model
Annlise Marie
for Big Bang Wheels
W&HM Cover Model
Elizabeth Velasquez for
Big Bang Wheels


The venue space has expanded to the outside, beyond just the simple extension. There are many big car companies that came out of the convention center halls, and embraced the first impression advantage being at the must-pass spots along the outside path.  Inside the convention center, three halls as the mainstays and again, South Hall brought the most glamorous show with the promotional talents by the shiny wheels and big tires.  The Central Hall exhibited many of the key vendors of various car accessories and modifications.  Then at the North Hall, hardware and tools and car manufacturers were present.  The pure size of these halls would make the 4-days show a short trip and everybody would wish there will be more time to explore.
W&HM Cover Model
Sandra Wong in Blue
Dress for Enkei Wheels

Overall, this is a highly successful show that brought the industry together and establishes  the ultimate car nation that we are.  We have the highest respect to the SEMA team that made this happen and it is so well organized.  Our hats off to you all!  Great job!

Busy Floor Activities

Here is the 411 of the many floor activities that we have brought you on just the Day 1 of the SEMA show.  There were so many activities or promo-comotions that all vendors try to sway your gaze, change your path, or uncontrollably just want to go to the booth.  Besides the free giveaways, or product demos, or showing a really cool cars right at the display spot, one of the most instantaneous draw of the traffic is to have a high professional promotional personality.
W&HM Cover Model Franchesca DC
in the sea of RSR Wheels
These high performance professional models have been often mislabeled just for their looks or appearances.  However, the effects of their presences can reach out beyond a simple lead generation mechanism; they can create animated visuals that gather people's attentions, and are an extended marketing exposure to create much more lasting impact to targeted audience and even unreachable audience.

Wheels and Heels Magazine / W&HM Cover and Feature Models in Action!

Here at the SEMA show, we are extremely happy to see many of our over and feature models are here at the show representing many companies to heighten the companies promotion and create a wonderful brand association.

W&HM Cover Model
Corissa Furr by Pirelli's Bike 
South Hall is always the center of the attention as far as the promotional modeling's perspective.  The South Hall hosts many of the wheels and tire companies, as well as lifestyle.  It's the bridge to the emotional side that requires a complete presentation that involves strong visual elements as well as emotional driven personal connections.  The promotional models are an integral part of the story telling, and many companies are full aware of this and definitely crafted them very well!

Here we have discovered many of the our cover and feature models, including (from the top, not in particular order)

  • The Diamond Dozen for MKW Wheels
  • Elizabeth Velasquez and Annelise Marie for Big Bang Wheels
  • Sandra Wong for Enkei Wheels
  • Franchesca Del Carpio for MKW Wheels (she is also our 2016 Calendar Cover Model!)
  • Corissa furr for Pirelli
  • Brittani Paige for R1-Concepts
  • Ashley Twomey for Spec-D
  • Angelina Andrada for Senlips
  • Crystal Mendez for Chariotz
  • Dennii for Loud Mouth Exhausts
  • Monika Cozlin for Konig Wheels
  • Brielle for Konig Wheels
  • Helen for Landsail 
  • Hanna Ferraez for Spec-D
  • Kate Kidd for Genius Tools (our awesome long time sponsor)
W&HM Cover Model
Brittani Paige in Pure Red
for R1-Concepts
We are so proud of them bringing their super talents to help promoting their companies' messages, lead-gen, brand ambassadorship, as well as creating photogenic imagery for people to bring home, plus totally make the whole show softer, much more needed fun, as well as a brain break once in a while for everyone.

Model Coverage

There are so many models to cover at the SEMA show; however, we think we only have about 60-70% covered during the day 1 adventure.  There were models' hours mismatch with our schedule, or models at lunch, or simply our shoes just did not reach far enough on the first day.  Nonetheless, we will continue to bring you more updates and definitely look out for our Instagram as well as Snapchat (coming soon) for more updates or simply gorgeous photos of these amazing talents!!

Thanks to Companies Who Hired All The Promotional Talents

W&HM Cover Model
Ashley Twomey at The
Spec-D Tuning Booth
And most of all, we want to thank all the companies that hired any promotional personalities, being they are models, or celebrities, or special talents.  You have the vision, the pulse of this major show, and you have budgeted for these awesome professionals.  Without you, this show may be just hard and dry training opportunities, or support shortcuts, all technical and no fun.  

Day 1 is Done, And Day 2 is Coming!

At the end of the first day, we were totally exhausted, missed our lunch (because we ran around for coverage and kind of forgotten about it...) and could only drag our shaky legs back to the hotel, and had an awful dinner.  But all these are totally worth it!!  And we would not trade anything else for these four days of pure excitements of both sides of the brain, the artistic side and the technical side.   
W&HM Cover Model
Angelina Andrada
Shining with Senlips Lights 
We will also publish the show car coverage, as well as the new and cool products that we've seen in the SEMA show separately in our Wheels section.  People may go just for some basic purposes to better their skills or their knowledge.  We are here for everything!!!  So definitely buckle up for the next several weeks to read about our coverage of the gigantic SEMA show!


A foot note, this year, contrary to our prediction, there seems to be more promotional models than before.  We are super ecstatic about it, not just because we can bring back more awesome photos of them to you, but also it indicates a great growth in the upcoming economy direction!  Who can hire models when there is no budget, right?  This is totally a great indicator that people want to invest, get the commerce flowing and move some goods!  We are very much looking forward to a bright and happy 2016 to come!

Crystal Mendez for Chiortz, Dennii for Loud Mouth Exhuasts, Monika Cozlin for Konig
Brielle for Konig, Helen for Landsail, Hanna Farrarez for Spec-D
Kate Kidd for Genius Tools

Gorgeous and leggy Cami Lynn at Off Road Expo 2015

Stunning Cami Lynn at the 2015 Off Road Expo

* (Click photos to view in their original high res size)

Pomona, CA / W&HM Staff
At the Off Road Expo 2015, we were pleasantly surprised to see the lovely Cami Lynn!  Cami Lynn always has a captivating and calm personality that shines with professionalism and popularity.  This time at the show, Cami Lynn showed off her super charming smile and leaving us wondrous with her very beautiful legs.  Cami Lynn will be an even more highly prominent model next year with a major beverage company. Definitely look out for her around all the country!!

Lovely GXS Marketing Girls, Valerie Valle and Megan Mallory at Off RoadExpo 2015 @GXS_Motorsports

The GXS Motorsports Girls Special Photo Session at Off Road Expo 2015

* (Click photos to view in their original high res size)

Pomona, CA / W&HM Staff
GXS Motorsports came out with two models in uniform and even more models at the Miss Off Road Expo 2015 Bikini Contest at the show.  GXS Motorsports always brings substantial presence to the car shows that they attend.  Their earthy orange with checker sleeves uniform has garnished many eye balls for sure.

At the Off Road Expo 2015, when we first visited the booth, we were immediately greeted by the two lovely models, Valerie Valle, and Megan Mallory.

Wheels and Heels Magazine 2016 Calendar - Legg Swimsuit and Lingerie Edition

Wheels and Heels Magazine 2016 2-Page Calendar is HERE!!

Los Angeles, CA / W&HM
We are excited to have the Wheels and Heels Magazine 2016 calendar released!  This carries the tradition of featuring the top models from Wheels and Heels Magazine in their full length portfolio.  We have some of the leggest models, as well as celebrity and amazing talents.  All were photographed by the editorial photography master Py Pai.

In this W&HM 2016 Calendar, the amazing talented being featured include Ashley Twomey, Brittani Paige, Carolina Rusco, Christina Riordan, Constance Nunes, Franchesca DC, Jennifer Irene, Jessica Weaver, Leila Knight, Monika Cozlin, Ryan Oso, Tera Patrick (in first name alphabetical order.)

The beauty of Wheels and Heels Magazine 2016 Calendar includes:

  •  Industry's top models: models that you actually meet at car shows and events.  They are absolutely the best of the best.
  • 2-Page Centerfold:  Each month is presented with an extended portfolio style, to get the maximum amount of models' awesome appearances.
  • Legs For Days: These models are totally beautiful, graceful and stunning in their highly artistic and stylish model portraiture.  We have some of the most leggest models in the calendar!
  • Artistry in Editorial Glamour: all the photographs were shot by the acclaimed editorial photographer, Py Pai, Py has worked with countless top industry models, always showing in highly aesthetic and creative ways.
  • Excellent Print Quality: we have been using the Magcloud services and one of the reason is that their print quality and customer services are the industry's top.  Every time a print copy was received, it's always in a glossy and mint quality that is fit for a collector's treasure.

To have a beautiful model on your desk wall, or your dorm room, is an awesome 21st century guy's showing of  his great taste.  Get a copy today by clicking the below red button!

Wheels and Heels Magazine 2016 Calendar
Wheels and Heels Magazine 2016 2-Page Calendar, Photography by Acclaimed Photographer Py Pai, Featuring Top Models Ashley Twomey, Brittani Paige, Carolina Rusco, Christina Riordan, Constance Nunes, Franchesca DC, Jennifer Irene, Jessica Weaver, Leila Knight, Monika Cozlin, Ryan Oso, Tera Patrick

Miss Off Road Expo 2015 Beauty Contest Part 5 @offroadexpo

The Winners of the Miss Off Road Expo 2015 Announced in Part 5!

(Click photos to view in their high resolution size)
Pomona, CA / W&HM Staff
The Miss Off Road Expo 2015 beauty contest finally came to the end of the contest.  The competition was really fierce and it must have been a tough job for the judges to determine who would bring home the trophies.  In the end, it was Amanda Hopper won the Miss Off Road Expo 2015, the tallest talent among all.  Amanda definitely has that top model quality, with the graces of the winner, as well as the great answers to the questions thrown at her.  Great job to all!!

Miss Off Road Expo 2015 Beauty Contest Part 4 @offroadexpo

The Part 3 of Miss Off Road Expo 2015 Beauty Competition - Interviews with Q&As

(Click photos to view in their high resolution size)
Pomona, CA / W&HM Staff
The Miss Off Road Expo 2015 beauty contest had no shortage of beauty and friendly talents in their pool.

Through the introduction of each talent, we learned the appearances and personality and affinity of off road gears of their choice.  Many of the models already have had their mind made up of their dream off road truck.  That is very impressive.

And the more impressive part is that many of them also work on their trucks or cars too.  Their grease-hand approach would not come off from their refined exterior and we totally applaud their passion and dedication!  Bravo!!

Miss Off Road Expo 2015 Beauty Contest Part 3 @offroadexpo

More Miss Off Road Expo 2015 Beauty Contest Coverage - Part 3 of Talent Individual Introduction

(Click photos to view in their high resolution size)
Pomona, CA / W&HM Staff
Continue from the long and awesome line up of the Miss Off Road 2015 Beauty Contest.

From the individual talent parading on the stage, we learned that personality has played a big factor to the success of beauty pageantry.  Many models with beautiful faces and lovely bodies on the stage, had very different strategies and comfort zones with the visual publicity.  Some showed their passion of modeling and some showed their novice freshness.  In the end, after we saw the winners of the contest, the ones with confidence, grace, open personality, and overall comfortable takes on the stage got the crowns at the end of the day.  Our hats off to those showed off their true personalities, and more dips to those really shined and excelled!!

Miss Off Road Expo 2015 Beauty Contest Part 2 @offroadexpo

More, A Lot More Back by Popular Demand!  Here is More Coverage of Miss Off Road Expo 2015 Beauty Contest (Part 2)

(Click photos to view in their high resolution size)
Pomona, CA / W&HM Staff
We got a request from our reader about the coverage of Miss Off Road Expo 2015 Beauty Contest... MORE!!  We are very happy to comply with the request, because we got so many great captures of these beauties and we were not sure if you would be interested.  We are confirmed and gladly confer to the great request!

The 2015 Off Road Expo beauty contest has well crafted proceedings that definitely encourage and entertain all people on the stage and in the crowd.
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