Ela Pasion Top Model Back With a Big Smile! at #KuyaModelExpo @MissElaPasion

 www.wheelsandheelsmag.com / La Habra, CA / W&HM Staff - Ela Pasion has been the top import model for several years, until a year long hiatus from the car show scene.  Many were wondering if she would ever come back.  This time, Kuya Model Expo has done it great, housing Ela back to the car shows world, quenching the thirsts of many Ela fans around the globe.

Ela has that unspoken beauty charm emitting through her eyes, her smiles, and her quiet but powerful presence.  Wherever and whenever she shows up, there bound to be many cameras and non stop flashes around  her.  Even though we missed her for a long 2013, she looks even better and refined than before!

During the Kuya Model Expo R1 Concepts Holiday Edition, Ela was in a stunning red dress, which made her even more stood out among the sea of models and photographers and fans.  We can tell that she never lost her fans, but even more, gaining more attention from them with her absence in shows and events, and strengthened their bonds with her.  We sure would love to see her a lot more in 2015.  If that happens, we will bring her to you with our top quality photo-coverage!

Hot Spocom Models Yari Vanessaa and Gina Grey at 2014 Kuya Model Expo Holiday Edition

Hot Spocom Models Yari Vanessaa and Gina Grey at 2014 Kuya Model Expo Holiday Edition

 www.wheelsandheelsmag.com / La Habra, CA / W&HM Staff - At the Kuya Model Expo Holiday Edition 2014, Spocom has brought us two awesome models.    At the crowded area, Spocom booth had particular strong traffic, thanks to the big brand name, as well as their two very cool models, Yari Vanessaa and Gina Grey.   Together, they had made the show especially fun and glamour.

Cool East Coast Car Models Showed Up at Kuya Model Expo Holiday Edition!

www.wheelsandheelsmag.com / La Habra, CA / W&HM Staff - We often get great talents from all over the country in most of the so-Cal car shows and car meets. However, they are mostly along the Pacific coast line from Seattle down to San Diego, with major contribution from Las Vegas as well.  Rarely we see the east coast beauties that would come to the wild wild west coast.  Besides the traveling costs, there are also fan base construction effectiveness as well.  But risks come with opportunities too, as shown in this year's Kuya Model Expo Holiday Edition.

Hannah Sell (above) and Emkay Vee (below) are the two outstanding east coast models that graced the sunny hot land of Los Angeles.  Their presence breathed new air of Atlantic sophistication to the casual Pacific style.  They totally won our hearts and clicks and flashes.  We definitely look forward to seeing them more often in the 2015 year in the car show circuits!

Awesome Savini SEMA Models in #SEMA2014 #Saviniwheels #constancenunes #jerilee

Wheels and Heels Magazine / Las Vegas, NV / W&HM - Savini Wheels is known for hiring the top models to represent their top quality products and bold brand image.  At the 2014 SEMA show, we were very happy to see Constance Nunes again, as well as the legendary Jeri Lee, and our new friend Elise Detris.  They made the Savini Wheels a hot real estate that many people frequented and TV camera shined their lights on.  Combined with Prestige Marketing's super cool cars, it's just a one special spot at the highly competitive South Hall in SEMA!  Great job all!

Beautiful Sandra Wong for ARK Performance at #SEMA2014 @thesandrawong #sandrawong

 www.wheelsandheelsmag.com / Las Vegas, NV / W&HM Staff - Sandra Wong is an awesome model, an amazing person, a great friend, and very smart contributing adviser to our magazine.  During the 2014 SEMA mega show, Sandra is a bright star at the South Hall upper level, and she made the ARK Performance a must stop for any SEMA promotional modeling coverage for the show.

This also demonstrates the power of high promotional modeling.  Because we know Sandra well, so we tried to find her and ARK during our first day coverage of the show.  However, with the vast show floor plans across various halls, it's not an easy task at all.  Coming right from the Media Center in the Central Hall, we had to navigate through the maze of many vendors and their signs across the hall.  There were so many booths and attractions, we felt like we were at the IKEA showroom compounded with many football fields space to cover just based on our north-south orientation instinct.  At least the SEMA mobile app helped tremendously by telling us the absolute location of our target, but we still need to find the path to it.

After wading through numerous hurdles, and escalators, and ups and downs, we finally arrived at the ARK Performance booth. We immediately saw Sandra and Breezy at the front podium, signing their posters away.  That's about 5pm already, close to the closing time.  However, our journalistic stamina did not fail us...

Kuya Model Expo Holiday Vendor Models #serenasu #amyames #ellieroxx

www.wheelsandheelsmag.com / La Habra, CA / W&HM Staff - There are several vendors who brought in their own models to the Kuya Model Expo.  Here we have Serena Su for Dayuum / TJIN Edition as well as Amy Ames and Ellie Roxx for Limitless Society and Hollux, plus many more out in the open area where sun was hot and air was ... full of BBQ-perfume...

2015 Car Show Event Calendar Updates in Our W&HM Event Page

www.wheelsandheelsmag.com / Los Angeles, CA / Py - we brought back the Event page with 2015 car show updates!  The page has both the calendar view as well as the event list view.  There are some interesting drama in the calendar, especially in July 2015.  Plan your car show attendance with our calendar.

Wheels and Heels Magazine Event Calendar:

Always check the show home page to ensure the most updated information about the shows.
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