Gigantic Coverage of Stunning Models of SEMA 2014 Highlights (150+ Photos - Part 2) #semamodels #semagirls

Las Vegas, NV, by Py Pai - Continued from Part 1 coverage of 2014 SEMA models.

There are many amazing models in this year's SEMA show, but on top of that, there are many our cover / feature models in the show as well!  We don't like to brag, but we definitely are happy to see that we have the great fortune to work with industry's top stars as well as highly gifted models!  It's also a great validation of our guiding mission to create top quality work with the top talents!  And also, it's a great indication of one of the benefit being a W&HM Wheels and Heels Magazine model!

Krystle Lina (above) is such an awesome model!  We were so happy to see her again, and had the chance to have her wonderful autograph on our 2014/2015 calendar!  Corissa Furr (below) also signed our calendar, and gave us ample opportunities to capture great images of this top industry star at the Pirelli Booth.

Our two great cover models, Nicole Marie Reckers and Lea Anne!

Recently we worked with Morning Star and it's great to see her again at Garrett booth, and we met up our feature model Izzy Poulin at Timberland "Tire" booth!
It's so great to see Ashley Harrell again at the Continental Tires!  She does not appear in the car show scene much, but any time she is, it's always sunny around her and the room is brightened by many degrees!

Corissa Furr and More Pirelli Girls

Leanna Bartlet for Toyo Tires

Continental Tires, Ashley Harrell and Christy Rios

Izzy Poulin and Model at Timberland Tires

Sailun Tires with Krystle Lina and Models

Emily Palos

Kelsey Norris

Skye McDonald and Nikki Howard

Maya Michelle Rew


Falken Tires

Julie Galindo

Randyl Dawn

Katie Carnes

Kia Motor

Lena Hakim and Lindsey Hanson


Melanie Tilbrook and Jenna Chapple

Nitto Tires

Vanessa Bogdanoff


Lilly Evans and models and Amanda Vex

Garret featuring Morning Star

Nexen Tire Models

Velocity Wheels

Alexa Mateos

Noelani Young

ION Wheels Model

American Force Wheels Models

Tornel Tires Models

Traklite Wheels Models

VIP Modular Wheels Models

Center line Wheels Models

Verde Wheels Model

Mopar Models

Rovos Wheels

Tyler Paige

Lisa Simpson

Aeolus Tires Models

Triangle Tires Model

Konig Model

And More!

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