Kuya Model Expo Holiday Vendor Models #serenasu #amyames #ellieroxx

www.wheelsandheelsmag.com / La Habra, CA / W&HM Staff - There are several vendors who brought in their own models to the Kuya Model Expo.  Here we have Serena Su for Dayuum / TJIN Edition as well as Amy Ames and Ellie Roxx for Limitless Society and Hollux, plus many more out in the open area where sun was hot and air was ... full of BBQ-perfume...

Serena Su

Serena's slim and fit figure has made her an awesome model in the car show.  With her sweet smiles and talking eyes, she always looks gorgeous and friendly at the same time anywhere she appears.

Catalina Brazil

Catalina's beautiful look and bold ink works gave us a deep impression the first we met her and every time we see her again.  At the Kuya Model Expo, she had a lace trimmed little black dress. Standing right next to the red hot Evo, they are the perfect combination of wheels and heels.

Ellie Roxx and Amy Ames

The staples of Limitless Society and Hollux, the duo models always show their support to good cause events and cool car shows.  They always made a point to let photographers take some meaningful pictures, not just simply standing there to be captured.  This makes them super cool models that let people bring home some of the most memorable moments in the car show, and in turn, brought the awareness of the brands.

Good Vibes Vaping Model

The neon red hair model performed a few demos of the vaping effects at the event.  Actually if you string the photos up and play them back, it could be a cool action sequence in motion.  Definitely added more fun to the happy event.

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