Gigantic Coverage of Stunning Models of SEMA 2014 Highlights (150+ Photos - Part 3) #semamodels #semagirls

Las Vegas, NV, by Py Pai - This is the grand conclusion of the SEMA Models / SEMA Girls of 2014, after the Part 1 and Part 2 coverage.

2014 SEMA has been a great success.  This year, the exhibit space is biggest that we've ever covered.  The vendor participation is more involved.  There were many more models that we've seen than ever before.  And the models' uniforms are more exciting and interesting than the last few years.  All of these are a significant and obvious sign of great economy comeback and more spending ahead!  This is the equivalence of mini-skirt in the fashion world!  Therefore, we predict 2015, it will be a very good year for the car parts and accessories business!

Leading off the grand finale is our cover model, Sandra Wong!  Of course, by now, you all should know that Sandra is not only a beautiful person outside, is also a very intelligent person inside.  We have covered her many times, praising her dedicated work ethics, gorgeous spokesmodel persona, very very smart brain and great sense of interpersonal relationship.  That's why she is our contributing strategy thinker, On top of all these, Sandra has great die-hard friends that always encourage us to have great coverage of her (thanks Raymond!).  This alone, has us propelled us to do stronger, wider, and more extensive coverage of Sandra.  What a true role model of models she is and a true friend of fans!!

Also in this last piece of highlight coverage, before we jump into individual vendors / models articles, we have Genius Tools's Holly Allen, Kayla Marie Bennett and Jenna Nicole here.  Genius Tools is our first true sponsor who has strong faith in us and we highly appreciate their investment!  They totally opens the door for us and started our sponsorship support for us to reach a higher ground.  Thank you Genius Tools and we look forward to a great 2015 year of the new!!

Our awesome first print cover model, Jennifer Irene Gonzalez, was at the VP Racing Fuels looking amazing!  I was talking to the vendor and we all agreed that Jennifer is simply a top notch model to have at SEMA!  We also found our cover model Angelina Andrada for the Senlips looking super gorgeous!

Our feature model Ty Michelle looked soooo cute like a promotional action figure for Chariotz!  And we also saw the powerhouse Spyder with Marissa and Jessica Harbour, together with Mariah Longo.  T'hey were super busy signing their posters away and some of the photo ops for their fans too!

ARK Performance

Sandra Wong

VP Racing Fuels

Jennifer Irene Gonzalez

Ty Michelle

Jennifer Angel Ancheta

Genius Tools

Holly Allen, Kayla Marie Bennett and Jenna Nicole


Marissa, Jessica Harbour, and Mariah Longo


Ashlee Davis

and Friends


Brittani Paige


Candace Houk

Spec-D Tuning

Erica Law and Friends

JDM Sport Girls

Jasmyn Skye, Gwendolynn G, Jenna Lynn, and Marissa 


Summer Daniels and Friend


B3ar Dellinger


Becca and Sadie May


Miss Mila B and Beckie Joon


Gibson Models

Turner Models

HornBlasters Models

Kristina Petrova, Jacky G, Natasha Kukovinets, Shayna Marie, Alexia McKimmey, friend, Jessica Pasqualetto


Ashley Amon and Natalie Nadine

Painless Performance

Veronica Jensen

Miss ProForm

Amber Hay

Velocity Live

Whitney Greene and Brittany Mason


And more great models than we could find all the info of them all...

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