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 Los Angeles, CA, by Py Pai

* Update: a model removed per request

The common impressions of the LA Auto Show is all about the grand themes, big platforms, dazzling spotlights, futuristic cars or newest debuts, and beautiful and knowledgeable ladies and gentlemen of product specialist .  However, don't miss out a big gem, the underground Kentia Hall, the Aftermarket place, where many local vendors, large and small, vying for everybody's attention.  There are all types of promotions, and promotional models!  This is the place that you will see familiar faces, like Arley Elizabeth and Olivia Korte, as well as other new talents and fresh faces.

 Al & Ed's Autosound & Models

Al & Ed's Autosound is a main staple of the LA Auto Show Kentia Hall.  For every year that we covered so far, they are always the first you see when you enter the hall, with rows and rows of high end luxury custom cars.  The audios and speakers in their cars could easily surpass many's home theater systems, blasting impressive bass while sounding beautiful mid-ranges and singing through crispy tweeters (not twitter, but maybe one day...)

Just like their impressive sound systems, Al & Ed's Autosound models also come in different shapes and forms and ethnicity. We have our super cool cover model Arley Elizabeth (lower right), together with many more models at the big booth.  They are the immediate sight at the Kentia Hall; you cannot miss them at any time!  Great job guys!

Motegi Racing and All Star Motorsports Model

They had our amazing cover model, Olivia Korte, sending the friendly and upbeat vibes to the show attendees.  Among the dark wheels and black truck, Olivia definitely made the booth alive and bright, just like her awesome personality!

 DUB Garage Model

Dub Garage had a great line up of models helping people to sign up to win a cool motorcycle. Cami Lynn (lower left) and many other friends at the huge DUB Garage space, is a must visit spot in the Kentia Hall.

 K1-Speed Model

Susan Sarega is such a wonderful friend.  Even though we only see her at car shows, more specifically K1-Speed booth, it's always a warm and friendly and great exchange and updates about shows, modelings, and life in general.  She definitely get people's attention and want to have a good chat with her.  Totally awesome Susan!

 Galpin Auot Sports Models

(below are from the Concourse Hall)

   SCC Models

We took a slight detour to other areas nearby the Kentia Hall and look what we have found!  Awesome!!

Pirelli Models

We have our cover model (...) as well as cute Courtney McCatty and friend for the Pirelli.  they always looks so majestic and awesome!


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