Gorgeous 2014 Progressive International Motorcycle Show Models @autumnallenbach @mariahshannon @djbrinachantall

Long Beach, CA, by Py Pai - 2014 Progressive International Motorcycle Show Long Beach is bigger and crowdier than the previous years.  We saw a lot of newly debuted motorcycles and great showcases of available offerings.  There are a lot of coverage in the next few days of the new and purchasable motorcycle coverage in our Wheels section.  However, on the promotional modeling side, it's a scale back and was a bit hard to find even more than fingers can count models.  It is definitely a focus and a budget shift from the promotional to the direct selling, alas...  However, our faith has not been felled!

We met up Mariah Shannon (above left) and Autumn Allenbach (above right).  The two gorgeous models at the Victory Motorcycles booth, together with beautiful Brina Moreno, were the top models at the 2014 IMS Long Beach.  They brought the brand image to the best of the crowd, and the photo ops created many excellent impressions on the show attendees to go home with.  They totally make the booth much more lively, attractive, and enjoyable, making other booths feel a tad dry and less lifestyle-inspired.  We say bravos to the Victory Motorcycles for their efforts to bring the best of the models to the show!

Among others, we still managed to find more promotional professionals at the show, including the Russ Brown Motorcycle Attorneys angels, and Del Amo Motorsports girls, as well as others.

Overall, the show was a great success on the metallic side and we love seeing many new motorcycle models for the show here.  We do encourage vendors to adopt the concept of promotional models more, as they are not a distraction but rather a great brand image extension and one of the best pull marketing capability that can be used very effectively, as demonstrated here in our coverage.

Victory Motorcycles

Autumn Allenbach

Brina Moreno

Mariah Shannon

Del Amo Motorsports

Russ Brown Motorcycle Attorneys

Hudson Motorcycles

Bernadette Marquez and Candi Marie

J&P Cycles

Blaze Anti Fog

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