Cool R1 Concepts Models in Kuya Model Expo 2014 Holiday Edition @msbrittanipaige @ericalaw22

Wheels and Heels Magazine / La Habra, CA / W&HM - R1 Concepts is the host of the Kuya Model Expo 2014 Holiday Edition.  At the heart of the city of La Habra, CA, R1 Concepts set up a big block party for the car enthusiasts and model fans, with DJ music and food truck enjoyment.  The sun was just about right, with that so-Cal pre-Thanksgiving warmth.

R1 Concepts is always one of the coolest companies when it comes to brand marketing and promotional talents.  They always have the top and the coolest car models for their company image.  This time, they have their staple model Brittani Paige, as well as Erica Law at the show giving everybody a wonderful photo opportunity.  Together with Big Abe, Kairi Dreme, and more, they made the event a great holiday lead in and brought the joyful spirits from everybody.  Great job R1 Concepts!!  We look forward to seeing more in the future!

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