Gorgeous Jessica Weaver Shines at Kuya Model Expo R1 Concepts Holiday Edition @jessicakes33

 La Habra, CA, by W&HM - It's always great to see Jessica Weaver, our amazing cover model, at any shows and events.  This soft spoken, friendly, upbeat, and optimistic model with high emotional intelligence is a true gem at the 2014 Kuya Model Expo with R1 Concepts Holiday Edition event.

Jessica is a high professional model, who arrives on-time, ready to take photos, and always prepared.  There is zero diva attitude, and all the flower child passion for model and for life.  This totally has made her one of the most sought after model in the car show industry!

 At the Kuya Model Expo this time, Jessica had brought her merchandise, including the print copy of the Wheels and Heels Magazine with her being the cover model to the show.  Her products are simply impressive to look at and wonderful to bring home to.  Also, we totally look forward to having her back as another issue's cover model again!

 With November almost done, Jessica had her great share of traveling.  Traveling to Vegas for SEMA is almost a time and space travel for most of us already, and she went to other states for more family time and professional duties.  Our awesome cover model is always on the move and we see nothing but higher and higher super stardom!

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