Gigantic Coverage of Stunning Models of SEMA 2014 Highlights (150+ Photos - Part 1) #semamodels #semagirls

 Las Vegas, NV, by Py Pai - The models at the SEMA show are always the cream of the crop, and we have gigantic highlight coverage of them here from this year 2014 show.  In fact there are so many that we have to break the coverage into three parts in order to do the justice to these amazing models, as well as be kind to your tablet browsers.  This is the biggest coverage of SEMA girls that we have ever done.  It's an exhausting job, because we worked so hard and diligently throughout the show to find these models, to talk to them, and elbow our way to get the best shots.  Nonetheless, we are extremely happy that we can bring these stunning models to you in the most beautiful presentation format!

The coverage is so immense, that we have to break it loosely into three parts:

  • Part 1 - Wheels Company Models
  • Part 2 - Tires and More Wheels Company Models
  • Part 3 - Hardware, Accessories and Parts Company Models

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There are promotional models, and then there are "SEMA" promotional models.  For any car models in the industry, a badge of SEMA presence is a big resume item, because the landscape is so competitive and exposure is immense at the international level.  Companies and vendors are investing probably their biggest show dollars / Yens / RMBs / Deutsche Marks / (you get the drift) in this SEMA.  They want nothing but the best to represent them.  On the other hand, there are many established models in the field that look out for SEMA months ahead in order to secure a spot in a vendor booth.  To say the least the simple invisible hand of supply and demand created the optimal results of top models and huge marketing exposures.  To all the models in the show, we salute you for your achievements here at the show.  And we saw nothing but absolutely the best representation of the industry, and you all made it a great success!  Bravo!  Bravo!

* * *

There are also two things that are significant this year!!

One is that this is the first year I have the great honor to work with two top wheel vendors to produce their show posters and surround boards:

  • Big Bang's high fashion poster with Brittany Brickner and their newest line of wheels (above) 
  • Savini's two girls on a bed of Savini wheels with Constance Nunes and Elise Detris (below). 
I am super humbled by these opportunities to create very unique and top of the line work with industry's top companies, who have everything about top aesthetics, creativity and quality.  Thanks to them, and Prestige Marketing / it's jdm yo's team poster project earlier in the year, we have launched our new line of business, serving the "wheels and heels" community!  We are absolutely ecstatic about this new venture!

The other is that there are many our cover models and feature models in the show. We pride ourselves with working the best and the most talented and the most dedicated in the industry and it shows here.  Many of our featured models were hired for the SEMA show and it's our great pleasure to see that.  It further strengthens that the "Wheels and Heels Magazine / W&HM Model" brand is a great endorsement for top quality, immensely talented, and highly professional models.

Here are some of the cover models that are in the 2014 SEMA show.  There are more in the other parts of this gigantic coverage.  From the top Constance Nunes for Savini, Franchesca Del Carpio for MKW wheels, Jessica Weaver for Rohana, Brie Williams for Vision wheels, and Arley Elizabeth for Achilles, and Olivia Korte for ESM Wheels.  They all look amazing!

A side note is that, on a brilliant suggestion of Baron Von Speed, we brought our 2014/2015 calendar for our models to sign.  There were so many of them at the show that we have to travel up and down, far and near, north and south and central to have their signatures.  It further shows that we work with the best of the best!!

There will be two more parts of our gigantic SEMA models highlight coverage in the next two days.  Then after that, it will be individual detailed coverage which many times more gorgeous photos will be provided!  Definitely check out the full article here as well as stay tuned for future articles!


We have to do a special mentioning of this amazing company.  It's not because we worked with them on their posters.  It's the simple fact that they have the most amazing model line up for their booth in terms of both star powers and the sheer number of their presence.  A simple math, if you add all the follower counts of their models on social media, probably they can rival some of the celebrities out there, and the combined klout score would shoot through the roof.  We totally commend their marketing's keen insights and investment in their promotional presence.  And it's not just in the SEMA, we see them everwhere in many shows.  Their booth is becoming the staple of many car shows too!  Our hats off to you!!

Brittany Brickner

Ana Cheri

Dennii and Mariah Armknecht

Lisa Lee Marie

Michelle McCoy

MKW Wheels

The Diamond Dozen Team

The Diamond Dozen team has the super stars as well as the new talents for this show.  Everyone is looking so awesome!!  We totally love working with them, who are absolutely one of the top + top professional modeling teams that we have seen in the scene.  It's so great to see them here at the SEMA show!

Franchesca Del Carpio / Franchesca DC


Alisa Marie

Alyhed Morales

Savini Wheels

Savini Wheels' models are simply stunning.  Constance Nunes as well as Elise Detris and Jeri Lee, were so popular that there were constant lines for photos and posters!  Savini Wheels is always a cut above from the rest of the wheels scene and their products and their works are great examples of their styles and quality!

Constance Nunes and Elise Detris and Jeri Lee

ESM Wheels

It's totally awesome to see Olivia again!  We heard many great things are happening with Olivia and we totally look forward to seeing this ultra talented star model to soar to a new level!

Olivia Korte


Arley is busy shuttling between the front outdoor booth and back trade booth, talking about busy!

Arley Elizabeth

Vision Wheels

Brie Williams

Rohana Wheels

We totally love these two young ladies!!  They are simply awesome!!

Krstina Hong and Jessica Weaver

Vossen and Lexus

Kristy-Lei Juan

CEC Wheels

The Swinging Girls

FondMetal Wheels

F1R Wheels

Jenni Tran and Ashley Vu

ACE Wheels


Nismo Wheels

Center Line

Vertini Wheels

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