Cool R1 Concepts Models in Kuya Model Expo 2014 Holiday Edition @msbrittanipaige @ericalaw22

Wheels and Heels Magazine / La Habra, CA / W&HM - R1 Concepts is the host of the Kuya Model Expo 2014 Holiday Edition.  At the heart of the city of La Habra, CA, R1 Concepts set up a big block party for the car enthusiasts and model fans, with DJ music and food truck enjoyment.  The sun was just about right, with that so-Cal pre-Thanksgiving warmth.

R1 Concepts is always one of the coolest companies when it comes to brand marketing and promotional talents.  They always have the top and the coolest car models for their company image.  This time, they have their staple model Brittani Paige, as well as Erica Law at the show giving everybody a wonderful photo opportunity.  Together with Big Abe, Kairi Dreme, and more, they made the event a great holiday lead in and brought the joyful spirits from everybody.  Great job R1 Concepts!!  We look forward to seeing more in the future!

Gorgeous Jessica Weaver Shines at Kuya Model Expo R1 Concepts Holiday Edition @jessicakes33

 La Habra, CA, by W&HM - It's always great to see Jessica Weaver, our amazing cover model, at any shows and events.  This soft spoken, friendly, upbeat, and optimistic model with high emotional intelligence is a true gem at the 2014 Kuya Model Expo with R1 Concepts Holiday Edition event.

Jessica is a high professional model, who arrives on-time, ready to take photos, and always prepared.  There is zero diva attitude, and all the flower child passion for model and for life.  This totally has made her one of the most sought after model in the car show industry!

LA Auto Show Models 2014 in Kentia Hall Tuners and Aftermarket @arrrrlz @_oKo_ @corissfurr

 Los Angeles, CA, by Py Pai - The common impressions of the LA Auto Show is all about the grand themes, big platforms, dazzling spotlights, futuristic cars or newest debuts, and beautiful and knowledgeable ladies and gentlemen of product specialist .  However, don't miss out a big gem, the underground Kentia Hall, the Aftermarket place, where many local vendors, large and small, vying for everybody's attention.  There are all types of promotions, and promotional models!  This is the place that you will see familiar faces, like Arley Elizabeth and Olivia Korte, as well as other new talents and fresh faces.

#KuyaModelExpo Models 2014 Holiday Edition Rock at #R1Concepts Headquarter!

Jessica Weaver, our print cover model, showing her awesome skateboard design together with her other merchandise at the Kuya Model Expo Holiday Edition at R1 Conepts
Jessica Weaver, our print cover model, showing her awesome skateboard design together with her other merchandise at the Kuya Model Expo Holiday Edition at R1 Conepts
La Habra, CA, by Py Pai - In its 3rd time iteration, Kuya Model Expo has become a major presence in the car show model expo lifestyle gathering.  Like the 2nd expo earlier this year, the event is housed by the R1 Concepts mothership location in La Habra.  This time, the team had a big empty warehouse across the closed off street to have many models at their lounge areas as well as vendors surrounding the warehouse walls and outside the warehouse.  With the sun shining so bright, and the food vendors sending tantalizing aroma in the air, rows of pristine condition cars on display, and gorgeous models flirting with the audience, it's a huge "wheels and heels" style party alright! (we will be covering the "wheels" portion in the Wheels Section soon.)

Overall, the Kuya Model Expo Holiday Edition with R1 Concepts is a great success, with many awesome models and cool cars, and tasty foods, and most importantly tons of jolly fun.  It's a perfect weekend afternoon before the big holiday rush!  Great job guys!!

There are several wonderful surprises in this Holiday edition of Kuya Model Expo.  Here are some of the highlights...
Big Abe, the strong man behind all the cool, and fun, and successful of Kuya Model Expo
The return of Ela Pasion, after many + many months of model sabbatical hiatus.  It's great to see this awesome model comes back to the modeling world, and she looks even more amazing than before!  We heard the rumor that she will appear in another show in the near future.  Definitely keep your ears perked, and facebook feeds scouted.
Spocom is always awesome in hiring some of the most talented as well as newest models in the industry.  This time, they had Yari Vanessaa, and Gina Grey at the booth, and both looked great!
Brittani Paige, the R1 Concepts main model, invited many of her friends and fans to the event, and they responded with their feet on pedals and toys in hand to show their support!  Awesome Brittani!  Awesome Brittani's friends and fans!

3 Fun Loving @geniustools Models at #SEMA2014 @MissHollyAllen Tons of Photos!

Holly Allen, Kayla Marie Bennett, and Jenna Nicole in their cute uniform for Genius Tools in 2014 SEMA
Holly Allen, Kayla Marie Bennett, and Jenna Nicole in their cute uniform for Genius Tools in 2014 SEMA
 Las Vegas, NV, by W&HM - It's always a great pleasure to visit Genius Tools at SEMA.  Not only their people are very friendly, knowledgeable, and helpful, their arrays of tools are simply fascinating to check out, from automobile tools to master sets to storage and more, sizes from small to XL.  It's always impressive to see a wall to wall display of different function tools.

Genius Tools is always awesome in the promotional side as well.  In the past, we have covered many times their cool exhibits and models, this time, they had three awesome models with red, blond, and brunette hair colors.  Talking about being genius!

Definitely check out this extended coverage of the Genius Tools and these three gorgeous ladies in our full article!

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