Arley Elizabeth, Karla Lippert, and Nicole Marie Reckers SEMA Models for Achilles at #SEMA2014 @arrrrlz

 Las Vegas, NV, by W&HM - One of the first boothes that we encountered at the 2014 SEMA is Achilles.  This year, SEMA has expanded their geo-foothold from within the convention center to enclose the entire driveway, where the shuttle buses used to run their routes.  This is a huge expansion and we totally love it.  Many people were taken by surprise, and could not help themselves but going in and check things out.  Probably that's one contributing factor that the first day of SEMA inside the convention center is not as crowded as the second day, which is a madness (good madness) stream of people.

At the Achilles booth outside the convention center, we were very happy to see Arley Elizabeth, our cover model, and Karla Lippert, as well as Nicole Marie Reckers, another our cover model were already standing there greeting all the show-comers.  Under the warm Las Vegas clear sun, the trio-models looked awesome and refreshing and energetic!  That's the spirit of promo-modeling!

And talking about "Showing up is 80% of success." (by Woody Allen), Nicole Marie was not planning to be at the Achilles model for the SEMA show.  Ahead of her 3rd day schedule, she just showed up to meet her friend, and they said, basically, "you are beautiful.  can you model for us?".  Now that's awesome, proved Nicole Marie's star power, as well as the importance of being there in person, and the keen eyes of Achilles' team!  Bravo to all three geniuses!!

This year, the SEMA show is so big, and with the newly acquired outdoor show-real-estate, Achilles had two booths, one outside and one deep in South Hall.  The outside housed the gorgeous models, as well as first-time-unveiled new drifting car that will be competing in the 2015 Formula Drift season.  In the South Hall booth, which is more for the trade/business function, also occasionally shuttled Arley and Achilles famed drifting drivers, Daigo Saito and Robbie Nichida at the helm for their autograph sessions.

This is the one of the first booths that we visited and surely they have set a great tone for the entire show!  We look forward to seeing them again at the 2015 Formula Drift season!

Prelude of Progressive IMS Long Beach and Motorcycles Money Cannot Buy (Today)

 Long Beach, CA, by Py Pai - During the press day of Progressive International Motorcycle Show at the Long Beach Convention Center, we met up some of really cool models at the Victory Motorcycle booth, as well as got a glimpse of some of the latest, the greatest, the untouchable motrocycles that are not even in your local dealership yet!

First, we met up the trio-model, Aissa Widle, Mariah Shannon, and Ashley Caple at the press session inside the Victory Motorcycles booth.  They are so warm to the press media that we just could not stop taking photos of them and plan to come back for more!  Great job ladies!

Then we have published a preview of the newest motorcycles that are not yet available at any of the dealership. These are not prototypes or concept motorcycles.  They are blood and flesh real deals that will show up sometime in the next month, next year, or even next two years down the road to the public.  We bring them you here to show you what's in store, or maybe an early Christmas present in thought...  Definitely check out the full preview article of these amazing motorcycles in our Wheels sections!

In the next few days, we will bring you more awesome models and motorcycles and great gears and accessories too!  Stay tuned!

#RohanaWheels Rules with Cover Model Jessica Weaver and Krstina Hong and More at #SEMA2014

 Las Vegas, NV, by W&HM - Rohana Wheels are well known for their great performance and excellent mechanical achievements for their high end wheels for all the European, American as well as Japanese cars.  Here at 2014 SEMA show, they not only demonstrated these key properties of their products, they also combined with two of super awesome models, who are our cover feature models!

Jessica Weaver and Krstina Hong have graced our print magazine several times, and always what we consider as the top level models in the car show promotional industry. Together with their fellow models, they made Rohana Wheels a very popular spot in the crowded SEMA show this year!

Definitely check out the high-resolution photos in the complete coverage here to see all the great shots that we took of Jessica, Krstina and Rohana Wheels!

Gigantic Coverage of Stunning Models of SEMA 2014 Highlights (150+ Photos - Part 3) #semamodels #semagirls

Las Vegas, NV, by Py Pai - This is the grand conclusion of the SEMA Models / SEMA Girls of 2014, after the Part 1 and Part 2 coverage.

2014 SEMA has been a great success.  This year, the exhibit space is biggest that we've ever covered.  The vendor participation is more involved.  There were many more models that we've seen than ever before.  And the models' uniforms are more exciting and interesting than the last few years.  All of these are a significant and obvious sign of great economy comeback and more spending ahead!  This is the equivalence of mini-skirt in the fashion world!  Therefore, we predict 2015, it will be a very good year for the car parts and accessories business!

Leading off the grand finale is our cover model, Sandra Wong!  Of course, by now, you all should know that Sandra is not only a beautiful person outside, is also a very intelligent person inside.  We have covered her many times, praising her dedicated work ethics, gorgeous spokesmodel persona, very very smart brain and great sense of interpersonal relationship.  That's why she is our contributing strategy thinker, On top of all these, Sandra has great die-hard friends that always encourage us to have great coverage of her (thanks Raymond!).  This alone, has us propelled us to do stronger, wider, and more extensive coverage of Sandra.  What a true role model of models she is and a true friend of fans!!

Also in this last piece of highlight coverage, before we jump into individual vendors / models articles, we have Genius Tools's Holly Allen, Kayla Marie Bennett and Jenna Nicole here.  Genius Tools is our first true sponsor who has strong faith in us and we highly appreciate their investment!  They totally opens the door for us and started our sponsorship support for us to reach a higher ground.  Thank you Genius Tools and we look forward to a great 2015 year of the new!!

Our awesome first print cover model, Jennifer Irene Gonzalez, was at the VP Racing Fuels looking amazing!  I was talking to the vendor and we all agreed that Jennifer is simply a top notch model to have at SEMA!  We also found our cover model Angelina Andrada for the Senlips looking super gorgeous!

Our feature model Ty Michelle looked soooo cute like a promotional action figure for Chariotz!  And we also saw the powerhouse Spyder with Marissa and Jessica Harbour, together with Mariah Longo.  T'hey were super busy signing their posters away and some of the photo ops for their fans too!

Gigantic Coverage of Stunning Models of SEMA 2014 Highlights (150+ Photos - Part 2) #semamodels #semagirls

Las Vegas, NV, by Py Pai - Continued from Part 1 coverage of 2014 SEMA models.

There are many amazing models in this year's SEMA show, but on top of that, there are many our cover / feature models in the show as well!  We don't like to brag, but we definitely are happy to see that we have the great fortune to work with industry's top stars as well as highly gifted models!  It's also a great validation of our guiding mission to create top quality work with the top talents!  And also, it's a great indication of one of the benefit being a W&HM Wheels and Heels Magazine model!

Krystle Lina (above) is such an awesome model!  We were so happy to see her again, and had the chance to have her wonderful autograph on our 2014/2015 calendar!  Corissa Furr (below) also signed our calendar, and gave us ample opportunities to capture great images of this top industry star at the Pirelli Booth.

Our two great cover models, Nicole Marie Reckers and Lea Anne!

Recently we worked with Morning Star and it's great to see her again at Garrett booth, and we met up our feature model Izzy Poulin at Timberland "Tire" booth!
It's so great to see Ashley Harrell again at the Continental Tires!  She does not appear in the car show scene much, but any time she is, it's always sunny around her and the room is brightened by many degrees!

Gigantic Coverage of Stunning Models of SEMA 2014 Highlights (150+ Photos - Part 1) #semamodels #semagirls

 Las Vegas, NV, by Py Pai - The models at the SEMA show are always the cream of the crop, and we have gigantic highlight coverage of them here from this year 2014 show.  In fact there are so many that we have to break the coverage into three parts in order to do the justice to these amazing models, as well as be kind to your tablet browsers.  This is the biggest coverage of SEMA girls that we have ever done.  It's an exhausting job, because we worked so hard and diligently throughout the show to find these models, to talk to them, and elbow our way to get the best shots.  Nonetheless, we are extremely happy that we can bring these stunning models to you in the most beautiful presentation format!

The coverage is so immense, that we have to break it loosely into three parts:

  • Part 1 - Wheels Company Models
  • Part 2 - Tires and More Wheels Company Models
  • Part 3 - Hardware, Accessories and Parts Company Models

Definitely check out these awesome photos, and also like our facebook page here and Instagram: @wheelsandheelsmag

* * *

There are promotional models, and then there are "SEMA" promotional models.  For any car models in the industry, a badge of SEMA presence is a big resume item, because the landscape is so competitive and exposure is immense at the international level.  Companies and vendors are investing probably their biggest show dollars / Yens / RMBs / Deutsche Marks / (you get the drift) in this SEMA.  They want nothing but the best to represent them.  On the other hand, there are many established models in the field that look out for SEMA months ahead in order to secure a spot in a vendor booth.  To say the least the simple invisible hand of supply and demand created the optimal results of top models and huge marketing exposures.  To all the models in the show, we salute you for your achievements here at the show.  And we saw nothing but absolutely the best representation of the industry, and you all made it a great success!  Bravo!  Bravo!

* * *

There are also two things that are significant this year!!

One is that this is the first year I have the great honor to work with two top wheel vendors to produce their show posters and surround boards:

  • Big Bang's high fashion poster with Brittany Brickner and their newest line of wheels (above) 
  • Savini's two girls on a bed of Savini wheels with Constance Nunes and Elise Detris (below). 
I am super humbled by these opportunities to create very unique and top of the line work with industry's top companies, who have everything about top aesthetics, creativity and quality.  Thanks to them, and Prestige Marketing / it's jdm yo's team poster project earlier in the year, we have launched our new line of business, serving the "wheels and heels" community!  We are absolutely ecstatic about this new venture!

The other is that there are many our cover models and feature models in the show. We pride ourselves with working the best and the most talented and the most dedicated in the industry and it shows here.  Many of our featured models were hired for the SEMA show and it's our great pleasure to see that.  It further strengthens that the "Wheels and Heels Magazine / W&HM Model" brand is a great endorsement for top quality, immensely talented, and highly professional models.

Here are some of the cover models that are in the 2014 SEMA show.  There are more in the other parts of this gigantic coverage.  From the top Constance Nunes for Savini, Franchesca Del Carpio for MKW wheels, Jessica Weaver for Rohana, Brie Williams for Vision wheels, and Arley Elizabeth for Achilles, and Olivia Korte for ESM Wheels.  They all look amazing!

A side note is that, on a brilliant suggestion of Baron Von Speed, we brought our 2014/2015 calendar for our models to sign.  There were so many of them at the show that we have to travel up and down, far and near, north and south and central to have their signatures.  It further shows that we work with the best of the best!!

There will be two more parts of our gigantic SEMA models highlight coverage in the next two days.  Then after that, it will be individual detailed coverage which many times more gorgeous photos will be provided!  Definitely check out the full article here as well as stay tuned for future articles!
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