Uber Fun Brittani Paige, Big Abe, and More Promotional Models at 2014 HIN LA @miss_brittani_paige

San Pedro, CA, by W&HM - We have not seen Brittani Paige for quite a while and it'a always awesome to meet this super fun and cute and friendly model friend, this time at the 2014 HIN LA Show.  Brittani was hired by the

Super Awesome Cover Model Jessica Weaver and Feature L'Amour Niggl @jessicakes33 @lamourniggl

San Pedro, CA, by W&HM - Our cover model, Jessica Weaver and feature model L'Amour Niggl were the stars at the 2014 HIN LA car show.  In the very crowded model lounge, it's wonderful to see these two beauties stood out in the crowd and gave us ample opportunities of photo ops.  We were happily to learn that Jessica has brought in her lines of merchandise.  They are totally awesome and it's great that we get to see them in the first person perspective.  Now let's get to see these gorgeous models in many more cool shots!

Awesome Heather C and the HIN LA Dancing Team, like a Fashion Runway Run Wild!!

 San Pedro, CA, by W&HM - We can only say that the HIN LA Dance Team is truly spectacular, especially with the fashion model / dancing talent, Heather C there!!  In a great tradition shift, HIN has taken up the go-go dancing art to the next level infusing with glam and posh.  You would not see the usual fun rave clothing or rad furry boots.  Rather you were attacked by the sheer chic-ness and transfixing beats.  With the strong fashion model like Heather, the whole scene looked just as like a fashion runway run wild, which we say very cool!

Definitely check out the full article for many more awesome photos!!

Awesome Models at 2014 #Subiefest, Fontana, CA

 Fontana, CA, by Py - 2014 Subiefest was held at the traditional location of Autoclub Speedway Fontana, CA.  The weather was just a tad warm, but nothing compared to the super hot weather in the last several weeks.  This was a very welcomed change and brought everybody out to a sunny and breezy day.

Subiefest is always a Subaru die-hard fan's favorite event.  Every year, there was a long line to get in to the car show lot, and many were overflown to the main parking lot.  The amount of the Subaru cars is simply immense.  And the original of these rides are even more impressive, coming not just from the local southern Cal, but also out of state and in some instances out of country.  This is truly an international event!  You can view our car coverage here in our cars.wheelsandheelsmag.com section, or specifically:

Part 1:
Part 2:
Part 3:

And then there were subiefest models!  Leading the way are the two very lovely official Subiefest models, Ty Michelle (the blonde) and her friend.  The colorful red and blue and black are simply stunning!  Great choice of wears!!
At the Subie Stickers booth, two more very lovely models were in presence.  As well as the famous Lilly Evans at the JDM FV .com booth!

 Laura Baker and her friend for K.R.O.P.S. (Keep Racing Off Public Streets) booth, and Noelle Lynn for South Coast Subaru!
 Jenny Nguyen is particular sweet at the FRSport booth, looking very awesome!

Definitely check out the entire article to get a lot more high quality and high resolution photos of these lovely models and more!!

Huge Coverage of 2014 #HIN LA Models, And Wow What An Awesome Carshow!

 San Pedro, CA, by Py - 2014 HIN (Hot Import Nights) LA is a resounding huge success!!  The models in the show are totally awesome and so abundant!!  We were super impressed by the show set up, and the models line up!  Great job HIN team!!  We look forward to the next year's big show!

HIN is a very well established brand in the carshow industry.  They represent great cars, awesome models, and cool entertainment.  They are among the longest runs of car show in the industry and are high sought after by car show enthusiasts.  The LA show is always the mothership of all HIN shows and have shown great innovations of how car shows can be done.  However, HIN LA has been through some rocky roads in the past few years.  The mega show has had ownership change, and more change, and then the combination with other shows, which cast some reservation of HIN fans about the future of the show.

Talking about phoenix rising.  HIN LA this year has proven to be a huge event with great concepts and awesome setup and of course many many stunning models.  To start with the location, HIN LA is set in the open streets of San Pedro, a historical commercial-hood.  Cars were sprawling along the streets, taking up good three city blocks.  High end European luxury to highly modified imports, and dappled with some lowriders were the primary showing there.  With the dangling string lights across the street, it feels like a small village with huge crowd and cars and models and shops.

People said that it felt like in the Fast and Furious Tokyo Drift movie.  The atmosphere is cool weather with ocean breezes, soft and comfortable.  For this single public street alone, we highly applaud the idea for using this public space and open to public (no entry fees!!)  The genius idea of such organization and inclusion of the neighborhood, and boosts to local commerce is totally awesome.

We LOVE this awesome 2014 HIN LA setup and hope that it would cause a sea change for future car shows to consider to make car + model culture more connected to the public!  Bravo! Bravo!

 HIN is famous for its model draw.  We've talked to many models in the past, and they always regard HIN as one of the most important events for their modeling exposures.  If you get to go to the HIN shows, then you definitely have earned certain status.

At the show, we were super happy to see so many awesome models!  From the top, our future cover model, Constance Nunes, at the Prestige Marketing and it's jdm yo! booth, holding the poster that Py shot!  That's super awesome!!  We all are super stoked to see the gorgeous poster came out amazing!!  Our cover, Jessica Weaver, has expanded  her merchandise lines to include many items, including skateboard, hat as well as posters and other cool things!  Then we met up with our cover model Arley Elizabeth, and feature model Cecilia Juarez, together with Nelly Chavez and Beckie Joon for the Rohana Wheels.   L'Amour Niggl, our feature model always looks so tempting and yet so innocent!  It is a wow moment for sure!
As the sun set off the horizon, the night beat got heavier and the ambiance was transformed from a relaxing Saturday afternoon to thumping-beat weekend party.  Janis True, our cover model, gave us a happy peace sign while tons of people waiting to have a personal photo taken with her.  What a super popular star model!  Diamond Zaang, also our cover model, stroke a sultry pose for us!

 The party mood got heavier and heavier as the night moved to a higher pitch. Heather C and her dance partners doing the ultra chic go-go that is totally different than conventional rave style dancing.  We've known Heather for a long time as an ultra fashion model.  Therefore, this dance talents and outfit totally define the aesthetics and artistic direction of HIN.  Great job!!

And of course there were many awesome cars at the show, in a very unusual style of line up.  This surprise element definitely created a new genre of car shows and again we highly applaud the HIN team's great work!  We say, Great job!  Well done!  Very well done!  We look forward to all again next year soon!
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