Awesome Models at 2014 #Subiefest, Fontana, CA

 Fontana, CA, by Py - 2014 Subiefest was held at the traditional location of Autoclub Speedway Fontana, CA.  The weather was just a tad warm, but nothing compared to the super hot weather in the last several weeks.  This was a very welcomed change and brought everybody out to a sunny and breezy day.

Subiefest is always a Subaru die-hard fan's favorite event.  Every year, there was a long line to get in to the car show lot, and many were overflown to the main parking lot.  The amount of the Subaru cars is simply immense.  And the original of these rides are even more impressive, coming not just from the local southern Cal, but also out of state and in some instances out of country.  This is truly an international event!  You can view our car coverage here in our section, or specifically:

Part 1:
Part 2:
Part 3:

And then there were subiefest models!  Leading the way are the two very lovely official Subiefest models, Ty Michelle (the blonde) and her friend.  The colorful red and blue and black are simply stunning!  Great choice of wears!!
At the Subie Stickers booth, two more very lovely models were in presence.  As well as the famous Lilly Evans at the JDM FV .com booth!

 Laura Baker and her friend for K.R.O.P.S. (Keep Racing Off Public Streets) booth, and Noelle Lynn for South Coast Subaru!
 Jenny Nguyen is particular sweet at the FRSport booth, looking very awesome!

Definitely check out the entire article to get a lot more high quality and high resolution photos of these lovely models and more!!

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