Cover Model Angelina Andrada at 2014 DUB Anaheim, Plus Nikki Trinadad, Rucci Wheels Model Rosie

Anaheim, CA, by W&HM - Our cover model Angelina Andrada always looks smashing!  This is definitely the case here at the 2014 DUB Show Anaheim, with Nikki Trinadad at the Smoke Buddy booth!  At not too far distance, Rucci Wheels had the talented Sophia Lin and their model Rosie at their booth.  The 2014 DUB Show Anaheim is definitely one of the best shows in the southern California and we can't wait to see them all again next year!  Let's see more of these amazing models here!

Angelina Andrada, Our Cover Model

When we were half time through the car show, and thought to ourselves, "hmm, probably this is it.  We pretty much covered all the models here."  Just as we were saying that to ourselves, we were immediately encountered this beautiful vision of Angelina standing in a cool shade in her casual and awesome white bikini top and a denim shorts.  Her bright smile just totally disarms anybody showed up at the booth.  Even little kids would love to get a hug from this friendly beauty, and she definitely showed her affection too.  Totally awesome!

Nikki Trinadad

Together with Angelian at the Smoke Buddy, Nikki Trinadad showed her talent for modeling with equal passion here.  We've met Nikki many times in the past through out various shows, and she is gaining lots of attention. We see this cool model flourishing in the promotional industry with great potentials!

Sophia Lin, the Awesome DJ

After her successful modeling career, Sophia has made a great turn into the DJ artistry, which is one of the hottest forms of entertainment today.  Sophia not only still has that awesome model look, now with the big headphone, cool cap, and kick-butt DJ mastery, it is simply no stopping for her!

Rosie at Rucci Wheels

Rosie is like a fashion model.  At the Rucci Wheels booth, Rosie looks simply amazing and very different than the other models at the show.  When we approached her, she has that ethereal aura around her and also posed very elegantly with the wheels and looking smashing!  We totally look forward to seeing her in the future!

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