Amazing Trio Models at 2014 #DUB Anaheim #SaviniWheels @constance_nunes

Anaheim, CA, by W&HM - You can always count on Savini Wheels to have gorgeous top models at their show presence.  Thanks to the great work of Prestige Marketing and it's jdm yo! with Savini, we have the great pleasure to meet the awesome supermodel Constance Nunes, and industry top model Amy Fay and Candice!  They totally made the super hot weather at a super hot show even super hotter!  Now let's know more about these goddesses of the car show modeling industry!

Constance Nunes

As we mentioned many times before, Constance is a super model  who has a strong fashion modeling background.  She totally made the car modeling scene a great cross-over for other fashion / commercial / print models to consider.  No matter what she does, she can always make it work flawlessly.

During the show, Constance was signing her Savini posters away for her fans and the show goers.  She definitely created a very strong draw to the booth and keeping her busy.  Still she made some time for people to take pictures of her so all could have some personal fond memory of her and Savini and the show.  What a great brand ambassador!

Amy Fay

We've known Amy for a long time, and through the years, she has amassed her huge stardom in the industry.  No matter what she goes, people just follow her and she totally reward them with great smiles, sultry looks, or plain girl-next-door joking around.  She can totally do a drama + comedy + action movie all by herself!

And More Model!

You can really count on Prestige Marketing and it's jdm yo! to have the top of the line models!!    They totally go by "go big or go home" style!  Very + very cool!!

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