Wheels and Heels Magazine Print Edition Issue 22 with Elizabeth Velasquez Cover Model

Wheels and Heels Magazine Issue 22 - Elizabeth Velasquez
Wheels and Heels Magazine Print Edition Issue 22 with
Cover Model Elizabeth Velasquez, and 1998 Chevy
Tahoe "La Reina" by Hector Jr, with Asanti Wheels.
 Feature models include Izzy Poulin, and
Yvonne Van. Car show coverage includes 2014 Toyotafest
Long Beach and 2014 Target Trophy
Los Angeles, CA, by Py Pai - Our Wheels and Heels Magazine Print Edition Issue 22 is published!  You can order a copy of it from the above link with just your credit card or paypal account.  There is no need to create profile or login anymore.  To get a free digital version, please sign up our free VIP Club and we will send it out within a week!

This issue is full of wonderful photos with stronger designs.  The cover model Elizabeth Velasquez is totally smoking hot in our cover feature editorial.  The ride that is on the cover with her is the legendary, "La Reina", Hector Jr's multi-award-winning 98' Chevy Tahoe.  We are so honored to have this amazing great model and the legend on our cover!

Together with Elizabeth, we have a great surfer model Izzy Poulin, and a new comer beautiful rose of Texas, Yvonne Van as our feature models.

In the carshow coverage, you will find the cool local events with international flares, including 2014 Toyotafest in Long Beach, Targa Trophy and Redline Time Attack.

We are very happy to have this awesome issue published!  There are a lot of work involved in it and hope you would like it!