Uber Fun Brittani Paige, Big Abe, and More Promotional Models at 2014 HIN LA @miss_brittani_paige

San Pedro, CA, by W&HM - We have not seen Brittani Paige for quite a while and it'a always awesome to meet this super fun and cute and friendly model friend, this time at the 2014 HIN LA Show.  Brittani was hired by the

Brittani Paige

Brittani Paige has achieved her super stardom status many moons ago already.  She has been around the globe, jetsetting cross the state lines, and her fame explodes in the cloud (the virtual kind.)  No wonder she has very little time that can be shared in the home town LA here.  So each time we see her, it's a great reunion of a kind, and she is always so glowingly happy!

This time, she modeled for the clothing / accessories company that we failed to catch at the scene.  As usual, she has that incredibly fun personality that can improvise at the spot, and give every camera around her a great picture to take home to.
Like in this one, she totally nailed the BOSS title and fittingly has the BOSS cap to go with.

This one is a bit ... Uh... Haha...  That's why she is so much fun to be with.  She can take anything make it anything that is fun!

Now with Big Abe too, that's a lethally fun duo and the partner in big presence!

2014 HIN LA has many vendors and one of singular significant vendor type is vaping shops and companies.  You can find all kinds of great personality, or im-personality or simply persons that add that relaxing Saturday atmosphere to the show.  As we noted last year, the vaping industry is fuming into a big market and came along are the smoking hot models!  We do see more and more coming next year for sure!

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