Awesome Top Models at #2Crave in 2014 #DUB Anaheim @jessicake33 @anacheri

 Anaheim, CA, by W&HM - Whenever we go to 2Crave's booth, we are always greeted some of the best models in the industry.  The 2Crave marketing team has very keen eyes on getting these warm, awesome and popular models who represent the company's image very well!

In the 2014 DUB Anaheim show, 2Crave did it again, with our cover model Jessica Weaver as well as the great model Ana Cheri, together with their new model [removed].  They were busy signing their posters, giving away prices, and getting people to come to the booth too.  Still we managed to have some great snaps of them through various moments to bring you the first person experience here!

 Jessica Weaver

Our cover mode, Jessica is a stunning model, and this time, in a stunning white dress by 2Crave.  Her golden blond hair under the golden sun, plus her amazing modeling talents have given everybody a perfect photo opportunity that they can happily bring home and share with their friends, or as their desktop wallpapers.

Jessica has been doing full time modeling for a little while now.  She is high in demand in the industry and is one of the most hard working model, true-to-self genuine person that we've ever met.  Her awesome personality also won her many friends and fans.  We witnessed a nonstop stream of people waiting to take pictures with her.  This is yet another evidence of her super stardom!

 Ana Cheri

The super popular model, Ana Cheri, has a huge following on both the social media as well as physically in person at the show.  Her signed poster is a hot cake at this extreme heat weather event.  Her photogenic talent is beyond the scale of the industry. Basically you cannot take a bad picture of her!  When we were observing on the sideline, one of the guys standing next to us asked her name.  When we mentioned it and showed him Ana's instagram profile with 767K followers, he said that she has one more.  He was totally mesmerized by her charm and beauty for sure!

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