Super Awesome Cover Model Jessica Weaver and Feature L'Amour Niggl @jessicakes33 @lamourniggl

San Pedro, CA, by W&HM - Our cover model, Jessica Weaver and feature model L'Amour Niggl were the stars at the 2014 HIN LA car show.  In the very crowded model lounge, it's wonderful to see these two beauties stood out in the crowd and gave us ample opportunities of photo ops.  We were happily to learn that Jessica has brought in her lines of merchandise.  They are totally awesome and it's great that we get to see them in the first person perspective.  Now let's get to see these gorgeous models in many more cool shots!

Jessica Weaver's Merchandise

Jessica has great wisdom, launching her own lines of merchandise.  This gorgeous and amicable blonde top model has amassed a great fan base.  This is one way that Jessica can build up the relationship with her fans and let them have a more permanent connection of this awesome model!

Jessica brought in her newest and badass works,including a skateboard design, as well as her JL (JLove) baseball cap, together with the most popular form of memorabilia like photos and posters.  This is totally awesome!!

L'Amour Niggl The Leggy Model

L'Amour Nggl, the super leggy model has that super cute and ultra cool look with a strong color blocking top and signature short hot pants.  Her bright smiles and warm personality has garnered many new admirers to add to her base.  We totally look forward to seeing her flourishing in the industry!

And it's wonderful that we spotted Tiffany Vu, as a very successful import model from the Bay Area.  We can see the power of HIN brand to the models!

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