Super Cool Rohana Wheels Models Arley Elizabeth Beckie Joon Ceclia Juarez Nelly Chavez at 2014 HIN LA

 San Pedro, CA, by W&HM - Rohana Wheels have great eyes for great models.  In the past, we've seen them brought in super models like Holly Lee, and others.  This time, to celebrate the return of HIN to LA, many great models were eyeing the event as a major opportunity, and in the end, we got the very awesome four, our cover model Arley Elizabeth, Beckie Joon, Ceclia Juarez, and Nelly Chavez.

The bright blue dresses that they wore, had great visual impact to the attendees who were swimming in a sea of models and general public.  It's really hard to get a moment of attention of them, let alone the nano-photo-shoot windows that one could only hoped to get.  And we were lucky, that the models were awesome to work with, so we got the chance to do a more personal photo shoot with each one of them!  As you can see, each one is super awesome in their own special style,  Of course we want to say "Good job!! and look forward to seeing you all again soon!".

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