Amazing Trio Models at 2014 #DUB Anaheim #SaviniWheels @constance_nunes

Anaheim, CA, by W&HM - You can always count on Savini Wheels to have gorgeous top models at their show presence.  Thanks to the great work of Prestige Marketing and it's jdm yo! with Savini, we have the great pleasure to meet the awesome supermodel Constance Nunes, and industry top model Amy Fay and Candice!  They totally made the super hot weather at a super hot show even super hotter!  Now let's know more about these goddesses of the car show modeling industry!

Gorgeous Thao N N' Ling at 2014 DUB Anaheim Customs 411 Magazine with More Models Too

 Anaheim, CA, by W&HM - Customs 411 Magazine has some of the best models at their booth in 2014 DUB Anaheim.  The Diamond Dozen Team's Thao N and Joling Ferro (ling), look gorgeous and stunning in their blue and red mini dresses.  They were so awesome even during the high heat after 5 hours of standing and smiling, they still were as energetic and upbeat as if they just started.  They are totally awesome!!

There were more vendor models that we did not recognize and also guests that made the show even more enticing... Check out the full article to get a glance of their cool looks!

Cover Model Angelina Andrada at 2014 DUB Anaheim, Plus Nikki Trinadad, Rucci Wheels Model Rosie

Anaheim, CA, by W&HM - Our cover model Angelina Andrada always looks smashing!  This is definitely the case here at the 2014 DUB Show Anaheim, with Nikki Trinadad at the Smoke Buddy booth!  At not too far distance, Rucci Wheels had the talented Sophia Lin and their model Rosie at their booth.  The 2014 DUB Show Anaheim is definitely one of the best shows in the southern California and we can't wait to see them all again next year!  Let's see more of these amazing models here!

Awesome Top Models at #2Crave in 2014 #DUB Anaheim @jessicake33 @anacheri

 Anaheim, CA, by W&HM - Whenever we go to 2Crave's booth, we are always greeted some of the best models in the industry.  The 2Crave marketing team has very keen eyes on getting these warm, awesome and popular models who represent the company's image very well!

In the 2014 DUB Anaheim show, 2Crave did it again, with our cover model Jessica Weaver as well as the great model Ana Cheri, together with their new model [removed].  They were busy signing their posters, giving away prices, and getting people to come to the booth too.  Still we managed to have some great snaps of them through various moments to bring you the first person experience here!

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