More Cool Models at 2014 ECC by Clinton Lum @calibre68

Ontario, CA, Photos by Clinton Lum / LumDigital, Text by W&HM Staff - As we mentioned last time that the models in the ECC / Electronic Cigarette Convention were abundant and amazing.  Continuing here, we have models (below) of Jasmyn Skye, Elizabeth Michelle, and Gwendolynne G as the three vixens.  And also the amazing Megan Belet who we haven't seen for a long time, and it's so great to see her again!

Now just open the article and enjoy the conclusion of the model coverage of ECC 2014!

Many Top Line Models at ECC Electronic Cigarette Convention! By Clinton Lum @calibre68

 Ontario, CA, Photos by Clinton Lum, Text by W&HM Staff - Who would have known that the Electronic Cigarette Convention (ECC) would have such abundant  car show models, that it virtually is a car show convention but with e-cigarettes?  Wow, the roster of models at the ECC is surely impressive, including Jessica Weaver, Sandra Wong, Franchesca DC, Jessica Harbour, Lyna Ly, Brittani Paige, and a lot more other named models at the Ontario Convention Center.

The vaping industry has been growing like wild fire as we predicted the surge of opportunities in this area.  However the show came out of our regular car show radar screen, as we primarily focus on the final Fall car show pushes by many organizers these days.  However, our sage contributing photographer, Clinton Lum, with his industry insights, spotted this one, and went for the big show.  The results are nothing but awesome pictures of awesome models!  We are so happy that we can bring this to you.  Thank you Clint!!

On top of the model list, Jessica Weaver is comfortably on our top billing.  There is a good reason for that.  Jessica used to the co-owner of the successful Vaping Store, V-Apes, in San Gabriel.  Her expertise and close contact with the industry make her a perfect top model for the convention.

Sandra Wong also made a great presence at the convention, and Clinton got tons of pictures of her too.  That's one of the beauties of Sandra, besides her gorgeous looks; she is always so warm and so welcoming to her friends and everybody.  No wonder she is so sought after and being our top models!

There were a lot more models at the show and we have to break them up into two coverage articles.  Here is the part one...

Awesome Coverage of 2014 #Wekfest New Jersey Models by @esuarezmedia

Edison, NJ, Photos by Eduardo Suarez, Text by W&HM Staff - Our guest contributor, Eduardo Suarez has helped us cover the cool Wekfest New Jersey 2014 car show.  The showing was pretty strong compared to other local car show events.  There were quite some turn-your-head show cars in display.  Even though they are not as outlandish as the west coast version, it's a great get together for car fans and auto show lovers to have a good time during the ill-temper weather season in the east coast.

However, the models there were super high quality.  Some of the great talents came out to support the event, and we also have models from the west coast joining the force as well.  This showing made the Wekfest NJ a very enticing event to go to.  Some of the models we could instantly recognize, such as Emkay Vee, Christine Elle, as well as west coaster Amy Fay and Ellisa Alva.  On the other hand, some of other models that we don't know, are simply gorgeous and amazing!  Definitely no less if not more than the west coast version.  We totally applaud the great models at the show and definitely look forward to the next year's coverage by Eduardo!

The car photo gallery is in the Car section and can be found here .

Huge Coverage of Models in 2014 #DUB Anaheim

 2014 DUB Show Anaheim Models at Angels Stadium

Anaheim, CA, by Py Pai - The models in 2014 DUB Show Anaheim were plenty and diverse.  The great mixture of ethnicity and genres is the beauty of DUB shows, where you could find the same attributes of cars and vendors as well.  Through such harmonious co-presences, this year's DUB Anaheim show is a great success and very well done job this year!!

At the show, everybody was talking about one thing first and foremost.  "HOT" is the key word, and "Really Hot" is the password to start a conversation with anyone.  It was 96F reported on the weather report, but it actually felt like 110F when you were at the show, and even like 120F when you see some of the stunning models there in person.  

It's so hot, that models had already given up powdering their face, people could not put on sunblocks any thicker, and the fruit punch vendors could not sell their icy cold drinks any faster.  Nonetheless, the heat did not render defeat on people.  The turn out was immense, and the fun never stopped.  Vendors were happy to see so many people showed up.  The hard works definitely paid off, handsomely, for many vendors.  It's a great show for everyone.  The economy is back!

As always, any DUB show is a combination of lifestyles and out-of-normal-people-lifestyle experiences.  When you enter the show lot, your senses were already under siege.  There were so many beautiful cars, indeed beautifully done.   You would immediately see rousing visuals of some top low riders, detailed with full, rich and dazzling colors, chrome, and true artworks.  

The luxury cars in the middle section definitely were a show of force and power and money.  When you see a RR Phantom being customized with big big big big wheels, going top-less, and fitted with immaculate accessories, you pay your respect in full.  Then there were super sized four wheelers and off road trucks, concluding the show with huge bangs of their enormity and presence attitudes.  Wheels with pointy spikes, utility accessories as decorations, functional tents with full month supplies inside, all the awesomeness of the great wild experience can be instilled directly here.

Even though you would definitely feel that it's a 6 hours long show, you just cannot stop simply because there were so many things to see, so many pictures to take, and so many awesome performances not to be missed on stage and off stage.  Our feet told us to go home, and our shoulders were calling it quits, or our faces have already turned lobster.  Still we pressed on as it's such a wonderful event, and the fun never stopped.

Overall, it's a very feel-good car show, that everybody had a great time.  We definitely look forward to the next ones!
During the show, we met so many great models and more happily, our cover and feature models!  From the top Angelina Andrada will grace our cover in a future print issue.  We are very excited about it! Our another cover model Jessica Weaver is always so gorgeous and glamorous who works so hard.  Our hats off to her!  Than N has recently just made our days by appearing in our print feature, on top of her already cover feature in our print magazine as well!

Our future cover model Elizabeth Valesquez always looks so amazing!  Her lush hair style matches perfectly her bright personality.  She is definitely a total package!  Our feature model, Cecilia Juarez, looks awesome in front of her own poster!
You may ask, "how about the cars??"  No worries, we got them covered as well.  We will be publishing the cars in our car section.  Definitely check them out once available!

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