Great Conclusion of 2013 #Spocom Super Show, and Welcome the New 2014 Super Show!

Anaheim, CA, by W&HM - We have had a wonderful coverage of 2013 Spocom event and now it's almost time for the 2014 Super Show!  We have the conclusion article with Elizabeth Velasquez, and Lena Love.  Both have that bright smile, and very leggy looks.  With so many awesome models in the last  year's show, we simply cannot wait for the new one that is coming right up!

W&HM 2014 - 2015 Calendar Summer Edition

By popular demand, the answer is:

You can order the new and stunning and awesome Wheels and Heels Magazine 2014 - 2015 Calendar Summer Edition there!!  Every month there is an amazing super model in poster style 2-page spread.

The super models include Angelina Andrada, Krys Angeles, Franchesca Del Carpio, Arley Elizabeth, Corissa Furr, Gabby Jeanne, Krystle Lina, Shanna Lowder, Brie Willaims, Ashley Twomey, Jessica Weaver, Sandra Wong, Leng Yein, and Marie Alvarez!

Definitely check it out today and get your own copy!

Blast From the Past: 2013 #Spocom, So Many Awesome Models at the Super Show!

Anaheim, CA, by W&HM - At the 2013 Spocom Super Show, it was a model riveted mega show that we pretty much could declare that they have had the most models in the all so-cal car events, maybe the entire California too!  We were truly impressed, even though we already knew that the Spocom Super Show has that "Super" moniker for a long time!

Here we caught more glimpses of the wonderful models of Lilly Evans, Lux, Lyna Ly, Natlie Bee, and Stephanie Kay, and Arley Elizabeth!  As you can tell, each one of the them has her own style, and very successful in what they are doing.  

This makes us yearn even more for the upcoming 2014 show in just a couple of days!

Blast From the Past 2013 #Spocom More Awesome Models

Anaheim, CA, by W&HM - We have more awesome models that sprinkled around the 2013 Spocom Super Show.  By the caliber of the models throughout our coverage, we know that this year's Spocom Super Show will be a super amazing one as well!  We simply cannot wait!

Dannie Riel (top) is a major crowd gatherer!  Wherever she appears, there is a long time of people waiting to get a brief personal moment with the super star.  Danielle Lo was busy signing her posters for her long line of fans too.
Regina Francia and other models made the Spocom Show such an amazing show year over year!

Blast From the Past: 2013 #Spocom Models @msbrittanipaige @noellelyn_

Anaheim, CA, by W&HM - The 2014 Spocom Super Show is just a few days.  To celebrate this annual awesome event, we brought back some of the unpublished photo coverage of last year's Spocom Super Show.  If last year is this good, this year is going to be even better we are sure!  We have many great models in the coverage that we haven't shown here ever, so we are very excited about it!

In this first installment, we have Brittani Paige, Victorial Barajas, as well as Noelle Lyn and Shauvon Pham.  Definitely take a look in the full article to see all these gorgeous and glorious models from the last year's super show!

W&HM Print Edition Issue 19 #Spocom Edition, with Janis True and Elizabeth Tran @spocom @spocom_show @janistrue @elizabethtran626

Wheels and Heels Magazine Issue 19 - Elizabeth Tran and Janis True
Wheels and Heels Magazine Print Edition Issue 19
Spocom Special - Cover models of Janis True and
Elizabeth Tran, also featuring Cherie Noel, Monika
Cozlin, and Jamie Centers. Event coverage of 2014
E3 Show, Autocon LA, and Extreme Autofest Anaheim!

Los Angeles, CA, by Py Pai - Our print edition issue 19 is a Spocom Special featuring the Spocom models, Janis True and Elizabeth Tran.  Both are awesome and talented import models that you will meet in this year's Spocom Super Show at Anaheim, CA.  We also want to thank Paul and Tricia at the Spocom, to help to make this great cover feature a success.  They are truly the best of the best!!

In this issue, we also feature some of the great fashion/commercial models, including Cherie Noel, Monika Cozlin, and Jamie Centers.  The editorials through out brings the luxury and high end quality of the magazine to life.  We are extremely happy to be able to feature these amazing models!

On the event side, we also have the great pictorial coverage of 2014 E3 (Electronic Entertainment Expo) Show by Clinton Lum, as well as the great Autocon LA and Extreme Autofest Anaheim.  It's \an eye-feast for the car enthusiasts and model lovers!

Definitely check out more at the above link-button about this issue and see all at the Spocom show!
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