A Lot More Cool Models at 2014 Extreme Autofest San Diego Model Lounge @charmaineglock_ @april_gee

San Diego, CA, by W&HM - Model lounge is always a huge draw for car show attendees and media folks.  A themed model lounge is attracting even more excitements on both sides of the table, and conjures a deeper comradery between a model and her model fan by a shared connection in their common interests.

2014 Extreme Autofest San Diego model lounge theme is sports theme based, and encouraged with "outside the box thinking". Here we have Amanda Kerr, Charmaine Glock and April Garcia, as well as Gina Sky, Lilianne, and Julie Vu.

Amanda Kerr, W&HM Featured Model

We haven't seen Amanda for a long time, since she moved out of state.  There have been many car shows that this awesome model has been missed.  To our luck, Amanda is back to California for good!  We are so happy to see this leggy and graceful model back to the car show circle!  We look forward to seeing her a lot more this year!

 Charmaine Glock and April Garcia

The dynamic duo seemed to be inseparable whenever we raised our camera to them.  That's very cool!  They have that Thelma and Louise kind of combination.  Charmaine Glock in her very badass ink decorations showed her crispy edge personality toward life.  April Garcia has that Disney princess quality gave us a natural soft-focus quality of her aura.  Both are very popular at the model lounge and had nonstop fun with their fans!

Gina Sky

We met up Gina Sky and immediately knew that she is a soccer (or from where Andria Lima's from, it's called Futbol) fan, especially in the after heat of the World cup 2014.  To add that out of the box thinking, Spiderman would be an awesome futbol player, with his leap and bounds mega power, and an even better goalie with his net-here and net-there super spray!  We say brilliant, brilliant!!

 Lilianne and Julie Vu

They were the perfect Chicago Bull fans!  One in signature red color jersey with Bulls and the other signified the Chicago geo-moniker in that complementary black color.  We say awesome + awesome!

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