Huge Highlight Coverage of 2014 Extreme Autofest EAF San Diego - 60+ Photos of Models and Cars

 San Diego, CA, by Py Pai - The 2014 Extreme Autofest San Diego is another great success!  There were lines and lines of awesome cars from all different eras. Then there was non-stop incoming of models that heightened the show's excitement level.  The vendors brought in their cool stuffs and freebies for the attendees.  The attending crow has a wonderful time.  One five-years old kid said, "I can't take it any more."  We said we concur with him.  There were so many things to see and to check out and to catch up.  This is definitely a highly enjoyable show that ensured a great Saturday afternoon family outing.

To lead off the coverage is our cover model Sandra Wong.  She took the top spot here with many great reasons.  Not only she is beautiful, she is friendly, she is personable, she is talented, she is smart, she is simply awesome, to add to all of these, Sandra has a really great fan base and great connection with people who have worked with her.  At the show, we were very happy to see our magazine on display by Daniel Fisher, the very cool owner of G35, together with Sandra on the cover of our print issue 14.  This is so awesome!  We totally love Sandra and Daniel for showing their loves!

Extreme Autofest's model lounge is one of the key highlights and differentiator from the other car shows that we cover. The genius team at the EAF has defined a theme for each EAF show's model lounge appearances.  This year, it's a sports theme, and many models showed up with their cool jerseys and uniforms. This gives models a sense of wardrobe direction, but lots of room to be creative.  It's always a great scene to see!

Here Elizabeth Tran joined the Celtic team in a very special way.  She's definitely a winning charm!  And Lea Anne has that lingerie football spirit in her!  She is super cute!

 Lyna Ly Sparks is simply stunning in her Motorsports motif bikini top!  And it's Amanda Kerr is back!!  After a bit more than half year out of state, she is back stronger and awesomer!!  It's great to see her again and look forward to seeing her even more in the future!
  The cars in Extreme Autofest have many great personalities and characteristics.  That's one thing that we love about Extreme Autofest.  There are so many speck free finish vintage cars that simply inspires fine work and spirit of perfection.  We are sure that the time, money, efforts put behind all these beautiful work are tremendous.  However, the opportunity to show it off and even garnish it with a trophy or two would be priceless!
2014 Extreme Autofest San Diego, offered a great venue for all walks of life, including car fans, model fans, media fans, motorsports fans, and all the participants, a truly great lifestyle fun for everybody!  We definitely look forward to the next show next year!

Here are a lot more gorgeous photos...
At the vendor spots, there were many cool star models, including Julie Mai here, who is always so warm to our camera and we could not take a bad picture of her!
Erica Law for R1-Concepts was busy with the non-stop crowd for her poster signing, camera posing, and fun with fans.
Asia for JDM Sports is looking better and better every time.
GXS Motorsports had Elizabeth Izumo at the booth and in the bikini contest, striking a striking pose!
 One of the trade mark of Extreme Autofest is the anitque and vintage and classic cars that are restored to the shiny gorgeous original condition.  It's a very refreshing scene from other car shows.

Model Lounge 

This year the model lounge has the sports theme and the majority of the models have gotten the memo and did a great job showing up wit their favorite sport.  This made the model lounge experience, fun and more photogenic!  We always applaud EAF team's great ideas about the model lounge.  Throughout the coverage, you will find mode's team allegiance and their form of favorite sport.  It's fun and saved models tons of time to figure out what to wear and what to change.  We foresee that this good trend continues on year and  year!

Lea Anne and Sandra Wong, our two cover models, look so awesome, always!
Lilly Evans is always a great model that people cannot stop taking pictures of.
Allyson Joy at the mode lounge for Clippers, has that star model quality in her.
Charmaine Glock and April Garcia looking great together and for some reason, always together for our camera.
Morning Star is totally a star.  The camera folks just could not leave her alone and she totally loved it, showcasing her awesome talents in modeling!
 Ms Lynn Lyn obviously is a San Diego Charger fan!

 Airica Moe for the Chicago Bulls!
Julie Vu has Chicago as #1 pick fo rher jersey.
Lilianne is another Chicago Bulls' #1 fan too.
Christine Zegers made San Diego Charger jersey ever more sexy!
Gina Sky is a spiderman league soccer fan!  Nice!

Besides the cool cars and cool models, there were cool motorcycle trick demo.  It was a good platform for a good time.

 Daniel Fisher's updated G35 with our magazine centerfold cover feature!

 HCM, Hard Core Muscle Motorsports builds custom works that have been in mega movies like Transformers, Fast and Furious and more.  The works they do are simply awesome!
The changing color paint looked especially brilliant under the San Diego sun set...

Vendor Sponsored Models

The Bud Light promo model and Monster Energy Drink promo model here... The spirit and beverage companies always have a special selection for their brand presences!


Angelina Beniquez and Abigail Falcon for Car Audio Excellence were super friendly and fun to shoot with!

 There were a lot more models that we did not recognize...   They are the special treats of San Diego!

Pioneer DJ girls did a good job ensuring the tagging of their brand.
 Mr Clean Model Team brought in four models to the EAF SD from the Inland Empire area.  There were first timer of car show experience, as well as more established, but all looked great in our camera!

Jaia Washington looked great with the beautiful shiny Miata by her side.
Jasmyn Skye has a new hair color and it's really cool!

RPM, Racing Performance Motorsports had a long day but a great day at the show!
The weather posed a gloomy sky but the audience's spirit was high!  Great job EAF!!
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