Fierce Competition Among Dozen of Gorgeous Models in 2014 Miss #Spocom Anaheim Bikini Contest Part 1

 Anaheim, CA, by W&HM - The air was thick, the crowd was packed, the famed Miss Spocom Bikini Contest was about to start in the huge Anaheim Convention Center main stage.  There were fans who were not shy about showing their passions...

 And the judges included many cool looking people, including Noemii J and more...
 The emcee was Janis True, our cover model of the latest issue.  Janis managed the flow really well, getting things moving at a very comfortable pace.  We love how Spocom has changed the way the bikini contest run, and made it a greatly enjoyed quality competition.
All the contestants on the stage were fit, toned, with great looks.  We think that they amounts to the import model version of Hawaiian Tropics bikini search level.  We highly commend the great work and high quality of the competition and the participants!
Victoria Barajas lead the way to start the competition...
 Sally Miakior followed the suit with a big bang in a red bikini!

 For a bikini contest, it's not just about the showing of great body, with fitting bikini, it's much more, including on stage personality, the showmanship, interaction with the crowd, being comfortable and genuine of her self.  Morning Star here totally delivered all these great qualities.

 Then our feature model Krstina Hong upped a notch, with a killer body, super bright personality, engaging performance, and generating tons of buzz in the crowd!  Simply wow from our perfect vantage point.

 Krstina was sooooo cute!!

 Samantha Padilla had a great showing of her incredible physique.
 L'Amour Niggl gave a friendly girl next door smile!

 Dolly Wink is also the Miss Mongolia USA!

 Elizabeth Tran had a blast being on the stage.  She's like, this is my backyard!  Very cool and very comfortable!!

 Raichelle Viado showed a different approach to her modeling style, and it looked awesome!

 Nelly Chavez has an amazing physique!!
 Elizabeth Velasquez had that electrifying persona on the stage.  She is totally getting the crowd all fired up!!  What a great performance!!
 Now the moment of truth... (in part 2)

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