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San Diego, CA, by W&HM - As you may know by now, Extreme Autofest has a great tradition of great costume themes for their models at the model lounge.  This year's San Diego Extreme Autofest, they had a sports theme and the organizer encouraged the models to think outside the box about.  Our cover model, Lea Anne, did just that.  Not only she thought about the sports team Miami Dolphins, she went a step further and did a Ace Ventura in Pet Detective themed costume.  No wonder she took home the first place among other competitors.  We are so happy to see such a bold, beautiful, awesome model friend of ours to have such creativity and excellent execution!

Lea Anne is going to be at the Redline Time Attack Willow Springs this weekend, as an awesome race driver.  If you are in the neighborhood, definitely check out the very cool event of high speed and higher speed!

Lea Anne in Ace Ventura Pet Detective Costume for Miami Dolphins

Lea Anne is a great model and race car driver.  Obviously she got both sides of the brain firing in all cylinders, as she is doing very well in both fields.  The car show industry and racing fields are just her platforms and there are many great work that she has done!  We are so proud of this great friend!

Lea Anne even had an Ace Ventura Pet Detective business card in her possession!!  Very well done!!

Lea Anne and Sandra Wong

Lea Anne and Sandra Wong are a great combination and we often see them at the Redline Time Attack, one being on the driver side as a great race driver and the other on the passenger side as a great model.

Morning Star is a Shining Star

Morning Star has burst into our coverage scene since the Spocom show in July this year.  We witnessed this amazing talents flourishing in front of us every time we see her.  She is always so animated and fun and skillful at what she does.  She is totally awesome and we look forward to seeing her more in the future!

Ms Lynn Lyn, a Charger Lover

Ms Lynn Lyn has a special place for San Diego Charger by the way she had her cap and jersey with her.  Very cool!

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