100+ Awesome Coverage Highlights of 2014 #Spocom Super Show #Anaheim - Totally Wow!

Spocom Super Show Anaheim has definitely scored an A+ mark this year!! Bravo! Bravo!!  

Anaheim, CA, by Py Pai - The 2014 Spocom Super Show Anaheim carries everything in a car show top of the line, including,
- totally cool cars that quite a few were first time shown there,
- many + many stunning models, with very established and fast budding new comers
- kick-ass group dance performances, and great concerts
- top tier bikini contest for 2014 Miss Spocom Anaheim
- a great atmosphere for every one and every family to enjoy
This is a car show that is well done, meticulously refined, and totally leading the rest of the pack in the car show industry.  We are already looking forward to the next year's Spocom Anaheim already!  Great job guys!!

The Beginning of a Great Show

During this frenzy World Cup final weekend, the weather in southern California was hot and heavy just like in Brazil.  Thanks to the great tradition of the event, we stayed inside the Anaheim Convention Center and enjoyed the much appreciated air-con filled convention hall.  We were not sure if it is the air outside, or the hotness of the girls inside, or just the general enthusiasms among car owners, vendors, models, and floods of people, the inside air was full of excitement and energy that you could feel it.

This year, the size and density yielded in this show is in perfect harmony.  There were many cars, many models, many vendors, many photographers, and many attendees to have a comfortable flow of traffic and interests.  It's not super crowded that you have to elbow your way in or out or just stay put.  It's a Saturday afternoon activity that is well seasoned and well enjoyed.  This ensured a great-time-flying-by-fast experience for the rest of 7 hours of fun and work.

Mix, Mingle and Model Lounge

One of the key attractions of the Spocom Super Show is their signature model presence, from the packed model lounge to vendor sponsored talents, to up and roaming models at the show.  This great tradition has been established for a long time, thanks to the great work done by the Spocom Show team's awesome work.  It also  has been copied and imitated by other shows as well.  However, this is truly the one and only experience that you can get with car models under one roof here in the US.

It's also a great time for models to rekindle their friendships with other models.  There were so many bonding and catching up to do among themselves that it may call for an event all by itself just for this purpose.

At the model lounge, you would see great talents like Alicia Whitten, as well as our awesome cover models Sandra Wong, Elizabeth Tran, Diamond Zaang, Lyna Ly, plus many new models that were eager for you to take pictures of themselves.  As we were talking to an attendee to the show, we said that this is the one opportunity that beautiful models, done in their professional make up and hair, in their best showy outfits, want you to take as many pictures of them as possible.  Where else could you find such a wonderful occasion for model photography we must ask... It's simply heavenly!

Brand New, Cool, And Vintage Rides

The showcase of all types of tuner, jdm, modified cars is the main ingredient of the Spocom show.  This year, we witnessed, as well as chatting with the industry fellows, there were quite a few cars that we haven't seen before.  The caliber of the upgrades and mods, as well as the new concepts for paint arts were just at the superb level.  For car enthusiasts or fanatics, this is the place to quench their thirst for new stuffs, new happenings, and new trends.

We were super happy that some of our cover feature cars won the top honors in the Spocom show.  Both Roy Shakosuka's '72 Nissan Skyline (Issue 19) and Mike Lim's wide body Camero (coming out soon) now have their own top honor Spocom spiky trophies to bring home for their collections.

Top Line Bikini Contest for Miss 2014 Spocom Anaheim

The Spocom bikini contest is different than other car shows' bikini contests.  The contestants were all awesome models in their amazing physique.  They have great personality and wonderful stage persona. If you look at them in person, you would wonder if this is a Hawaiian Tropics model search.  It's high quality pageant, no raunchy acts, just pure top level showcase of female beauty and professional promotional personality.  We wish all model search would be like this level of quality.  Our hats off to the Spocom team and all the participating models!

We were especially ecstatic to learn at the moment that Krstina Hong, our feature model, was announced the top title to wear the Miss 2014 Spocom Anaheim Bikini Contest tiara!  That's is super awesome!  Krstina has such a great affinity to people and to cameras!  Big Congrats!!  Our feature model Elizabeth Velasquez also won the 3rd place of the contest!!  Her lush hair and beautiful features and totally melt-your-heart smiles would easily win everybody's heart!

Winners,  Winners, and Everybody's a Winner

During the show, in a parallel universe to the models and vendors and cars, there were dance competitions and concert performances.  It's very awesome for the Spocom team to have this outlet of creativity for the youth generation to express their team spirit and unbox their talents in a very positive way.  We highly commend such a wonderful job that they have done, congrats to the winners of the competition, and on our book, everybody's a winner for participating such cool activities!

On the car side, the final trophy award ceremony generated a lot of happy buzzes.  This is a highly sought after recognition and many went home with a big chunk of pride and affirmation of their dedications of time, efforts, and money and of course their bragging rights!

An Extremely Happy Ending

At the end of the night, our voices were hoarse, our eardrums were humming, our legs were sore, but our spirits are high, super high!  We were happy to attend such a great show.  We were happy to see Krstina Hong to win the Miss Spocom Anahim.  We were happy to know that Roy's and Mike's cars won top honors. We were happy to see many great models and great friends. We were happy to meet new people and forge new alliances.  This is such a great show, we can call it an epic Spocom Happy Ending!

Sandra Wong, always looks soooo good!!
Ryan Oso has that forever beauty in her, and even more with our poster created together!

Our cover duo Elizabeth Tran and Roy's 72' Skyline!

Ashley Twomey together with our 2014/2015 Summer Calendar!
Krstina Hong, the newest 2014 Miss Spocom Anaheim!!!  Yay!
Mike Lim's super awesome wide body Camero!
Our awesome and sweet Elizabeth Velasquez!
We were so happy to see Lyna Ly in her amazing self!
The globe trotter Eva Skye looks so amazing!
Diamond Zaang and Mecca Madison in lethally cute blacks!
And there are a lot + a lot more...

The Ultra Hot Model Lounge

Alicia Whitten, forever amazing and tirelessly dedicated!!
The beautiful smile of Ryan Oso!
Mimi Le has those mesmerizing eyes...
Pauline Angeli's beautiful smile.
Noemii J is so beautiful and so tropical!  Super awesome!
Diana Lushus's over the shoulder just took our breath away...
Serena Su looks so fit and so wow!!
Morning Star is a super star, who also won the 2nd place in the Miss Spocom Anaheim this year!
Yay!  More Sanda Wong!  We just cannot get enough of her!!
Elizabeth Tran in our created banner!!  Great job Elizabeth!
Jenna Lane is always working hard!
Kairi Dreme is not an easy to remember name, but her smile is unforgettable and her inks are impressive!
Christy Truong's always early on set and big smile all the time!  Awesome!

Mimi Nguyen has stunning blonde hair, looking great!
Regina Francia's always so cool!
L'Amour Niggl was one of the favorites during the bikini contest!
Ling Ferror (above right) looks awesome!
Tina Cha gave us a special and cute pose!
Dolly Wink is Miss Mongolia USA!
More Kairi Dreme!
Nicole Leigh is super cool and super friendly and is a perfect promotional model!!
Eba Lida Love has that vivacious passion!  You can feel it!!  Very cool!
Nelly Chavez is super cool and super gorgeous!
Beckie Joon looks relaxing and cool!
Victoria Barajas is a great actress too!
Jenny Lam (left) was very busy at the show, which is a very good thing.
Jenn Q looks refreshing and cool!

Sally Miakior gave a quick glimpse to our camera
Ms Wendy Lopez has that very bright and memorable smile!
Christina Lopez is so happy to our camera!!
The genius Raichelle Viado!!  Haha

Erica Joleen has that majestic look!
Alicia Whitten!!  Yay!!

The Vendor Sponsored Awesome Models

We love Krstina Hong, our feature model!!  She is at D2 Booth, at Bikini Contest, under the crowning tiara, in front of Super Street camera.  She is everywhere, winning everybody's heart!!

Ashley Twomey!!  We love to see her again!!  Yay!  Here for K2 Motor booth!
The 2Crave booth always has the top models, here with Ana Cheri, Vanessa Thompson, and Elizabeth Velasquez.

Xena Kai is always a crowd favorite and traffic generator, here for Kraft Werks.

Prestige Marketing's Constance Nunes was a crowd favorite!
Jeny Bolina for Toyo Tires!

Breezy for Extreme Autowerks, is a super fun and totally awesome model to shoot with!

Erica Law for R1 Concepts always looks awesome!
Amy Ames and Lily Sangg (below) for Limitless Society!  Wow + Wow!

Lilly Evans for Hybrid Team and Yvonne were busy at the show for sure!

Unico swimwear models...

Katherine Chen and Taryn Blake for Fondmetal and Motiv boothes!

Raelynn Barajas looking awesome for Tjin Edition x Dayuum!

The Highly Competitive Bikini Contest!

Janis True is the Emcee of the contest!  She managed the flow really well and kept everybody enticed to the contestants.  Very cool!
The judges...

Time to Award!

Such a happy moment!!  Morning Star, Janis True, Krstina Hong, and Elizabeth Velasquez!
Roy received his award for his beloved vintage skyline!
The first place of the dance competition!

The Immaculate Car Showcase

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