Very Cool Models at 2014 #ExtremeAutofest San Deigo, @Misslynaly @allyyyjoy @lillyevans__

San Diego, CA, by W&HM - At the 2014 Extreme Autofest San Diego car show, the model lounge is a key theme for the event.  As the show's tradition, everybody dressed up according to a theme that the organizer constructed.  This year, it's the very cool sports theme,  and the wonderful models added their own flavors to the theme to make them definitely a lot more sexier and fun!

We have Lyna Ly Sparks in her summer cool motorsports theme, and then Allyson Joy showed her support for the Clippers and then Lilly Evans continued the World Cup heat and ratcheted up several notches!

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Lyna Ly Sparks was a very busy model at the model lounge, and the amount of people surrounding her is like a school of moths around a bright flame!  She has grown so much in her talents that she is super popular and built up a tremendous fan base and great followings.

We have seen Lyna in many shows and it's always a great time to see her and to take pictures of her.  She is such genuine and kind and graceful and beautiful and photogenic person that anybody knows here would be blessed, let alone working with her!

We might have met Allyson Joy before in  other car shows, but this time she really caught our eyes like never before.  Not sure if it is her high spirit under the soft San Diego sun, or the bright red jersey to reflect her hotness, or simply the fact that she has that great model quality, we will take all of these great attributes!

Allyson is San Diego based, and most likely we will see her a lot more in the future!

Allyson and Amanda!  What an awesome duo!!

Lilly Evans is totally busy like 24x7 now.  Her multiple ventures to various genres of modeling and work has lead her to many great opportunities and have made her great talents shone through out the scene.  This time she is busy shuttling across various booths and areas that she hardly has had any time to stop, the story of her busy career!!

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