Awesome Models at 2014 #Spocom Anaheim Model Lounge @osomazing @savedgedoll

 Anaheim, CA, by W&HM - At the 2014 Spocom Anaheim Super Show, Model Lounge is one of the main attractions in the show's menu.  Many people came to the show simply to support the models that they adore.  Spocom show is truly a lifestyle show that not only caters to the car fans but also model fans too.  They are our ideal "Wheels and Heels" combination!  That's why we love them so much!

To lead off the coverage of the model lounge activities, we have Ryan Oso, our feature model, dressed in a beautiful and very red mini dress.  Ryan has been an extremely busy model doing a lot of projects and works.  She always has a very strong yet very subtle presence in all her car show appearances.  She needed not to wave a big banner nor shout through a megaphone, people just automatically flock to her and want to take pictures with her.  That's the true model magnetism that she possesses!

We were so happy to see that she has the photo that we produced together for sale (at the top).  Definitely don't miss her merchandise when you see her in person, or visit her web page!

When she is relaxed, she still looks like a big boss.  Awesome!

Alicia Whitten is such an amazing model, no wonder that she is so established and is totally maxed out all her waking time on work, jobs, projects, and immediate personal life.  How we can tell that she is an amazing model?  This is a perfect case in point!
- She arrived early, way before the general public entrance
- She was camera ready when she was at space, perfectly ready for our camera
- She recognizes who are big media, who are her fan friends; never lost her connections
- She is gorgeous
- She is unique and very memorable
- She is so fun to talk to
(we need to catch our breath...)
- She has amazing talents, throwing poses left and right, giving us all very different pictures
- She is creative and never shy about interacting with her fans and friends
- She is confident and knows what to do, and what not needed
- She is business savvy and understand the values of quality work, great fan base, good business
And we are sure that we are only see mostly the exteriors of her awesomeness.  There would be a lot more in her that we haven't got the chance to learn about!

We say Alicia is truly a model of the models in this industry!  Lots to learn from this highly successful professional!!

 We also bumped into Beckie Joon, relaxing at her model lounge table.
 Jenna Lane always tries to make an effort to come out and meet her fans

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