All The Way From Hawaii to Fontana, Models With Love at Bimmerfest 2016

Our cool cover model Crystal Mendez had made a great link point for her three lovely Hawaiian model friends at the Bimmerfest 2016 car show, and we were delighted to capture them! / W&HM Staff

In the middle of Bimmerfest 2016 car show, we just finished our conversation with our cover model Crystal Mendez, and then she totally called out her model friends who just strut into the show space.

From her quick conversation, we learned that they were her friends from her Hawaiian trip and now the reverse was happening.

Crystal quickly played a wonderful host to show them around and introduced to us.  And we did what we did best, by capturing them in our camera and bring them back to you!  So definitely Enjoy!!

Sexy and Sultry and Bright Cambria Joy Mansfield for Rohana Wheels at Bimmerfest 2016 @Cambria_joy

Cambria always looks so leggy and awesome!  No wonder she is an it-girl in the car show industry! / W&HM Staff

No matter where you see Cambria Joy Mansfield, she always  has that telepathic smile to you that warms your heart, and triggers your fingers.

This time at the Bimmerfest 2016, we had the opportunity to see her again for the Rohana wheels booth.

Cambria is the same as we met her first time back in the HIN / SD car show a couple of years ago, gorgeous, elegant, and super leggy!!

We are sure that we will see her in future shows, and probably in many other commercial modeling media outlets as well!

Ultra Popular Super Model Marie Madore for FondMetal in Bimmerfest 2016 @MarieMMao @Fondmetal

It was a cloudy and somewhat dark day at the 2nd day of Bimmerfest 2016.  However, it did not dampen the glamour of this super import model, Marie Madore / W&HM Staff

At the Bimmerfest 2016 show, the first model that we saw was Marie Madore.  She is all white and classy, just like the BMW i8 right next to her.

We got a chance to sanp a few photos and bring them back to all to enjoy!

So Good to See You Again, Our Cover Model Sandra Wong!! for MOD Bargains in Bimmerfest 2016 @Thesandrawong

We haven't see our cover model Sandra Wong for a long time. This is the perfect setting to meet again this gorgeous model and friend at the Bimmerfest 2016 for Mod Bargains / W&HM Staff

Sandra Wong has been a bit out of our coverage for a while.  We missed her a few times, and she was busy at some other time.  This results the great opportunity to see Sandra Wong again at the Bimmerfest Mod Bargain's booth!

Sandra is just as beautiful and charming as always has, if not more!  She is still super friendly and sociable and totally awesome meeting all her fans and friends!

We sure missed her a lot in the past, and would wish that we will see her a lot more in the future!

The Beautiful and Leggy Alicia Kush Kandy for JDM Sport at EAF A 2016 @JDMsport @JDMSportVixens @ExtremeAutofest

The fast rising model star Alicia Kush Kandy did her awesome thing at the EAF Anaheim 2016 for JDM Sport! / W&HM Staff

At the Extreme Autofest Anaheim car show this year, we met Alicia again.   She is definitely a true-to-herself awesome model that we totally love!

At the JDM Sport, the music was vibrating and Alicia naturally picked up the beat and started her beautiful waves of salsa dancing.  One could hardly pull self away from this mesmerizing and beautiful model!

Lovely EAF Model Lounge, Christine Zegers, Kastilla Daniel, and Amanda Mitta at @ExtremeAutofest Anaheim 2016

Model Lounge in Extreme Autofest is always fun!  This time we saw Christine Zegers, Kastilla Daniel and Amanda Mitta! / W&HM Staff

In the tide of model lounge format transformation, Extreme Autofest Model Lounge still holds its prestige place in the so-Cal car show industry.

This is the place where we meet our old acquaintances as well as finding new faces.  We got the luck to see Christine Zegers, Kastilla Daniel as well as the new model Amanda Mitta.

They all presented different styles in their presence, and showed off their own individuality through costumes that they were in and the hair styles that they wore as well as the smiles that shared with people.  We got three totally different looks!

We Love the Awesomely Cool Charise Jeanine at #DUBShow LA and #EAF 2016

Even in the dark LA convention hall, our feature model Charise Jeannine still shines bright! / W&HM Staff

DUB show likes to keep it low, the low light we mean.  The vast Los Angeles Convention Center had a nightclub mood feel at the show.  However, it did not prevent our feature model Charise Jeanine to shine with her gorgeous inks and sleek look to stand tall among models and personalities.

Charise Jeanine, as we mentioned before, has that strong fashion editorial sense of modeling that makes her a different and strong model than other models in the car show world.

She always strives to be good, strong, better, and the best
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