Cool and Angelic Bella a wonderful JDM Sport Vixen at Nitto #EAD2016 @JDMSportVixens

Bella is always so awesome in everyway!  Not only she looks awesome in our photos, she is also awesome in person, and totally awesome in her contacts! / W&HM Staff
We've met Bella many times, so many that we even lost counts.  As being a staple JDM Sport Vixen model, Bella has created a consistent look for the team, and we can always count on her to create amazing photos to bring back to all our readers!

Each time we take picture of this awesome model, we noticed something different, as in different good!  Before we saw a cool urban kid, and later we witnessed a beautiful flower in blooming, and this time, we see a refreshing beauty that brightened the whole scene!

We are sure that we will see her again in the future, and we sure will bring more awesome photos of this talented model back to all again!!

Bella for JDM Sport Vixen

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