Sexy and Sultry and Bright Cambria Joy Mansfield for Rohana Wheels at Bimmerfest 2016 @Cambria_joy

Cambria always looks so leggy and awesome!  No wonder she is an it-girl in the car show industry! / W&HM Staff

No matter where you see Cambria Joy Mansfield, she always  has that telepathic smile to you that warms your heart, and triggers your fingers.

This time at the Bimmerfest 2016, we had the opportunity to see her again for the Rohana wheels booth.

Cambria is the same as we met her first time back in the HIN / SD car show a couple of years ago, gorgeous, elegant, and super leggy!!

We are sure that we will see her in future shows, and probably in many other commercial modeling media outlets as well!

Cambria Joy Mansfield 

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