Wow!! More Models at 86Fest Fontana 2016 by Clinton Lum @calibre68

As we said there were so many models at the 86Fest!  Our sage contributing photographer Clinton Lum was really busy that hot day! / W&HM Staff * Please forward any requests or questions to

Our highly professional photographer, Clinton Lum, proved just how professional he is.  The models across the 86Fest were so many but he still got the chance to capture them all, with multiple individual shots.

This level of achievements is not easily attained by anyone, because it's just taking a lot of time, and efforts even to get models to pose specifically for you.  On top of all these model photography, Clinton also does tons of car photography as well.  That's wearing two hats at the same time, bearing heavy gears and spending double the time.  Clinton is totally awesome!!!